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Survey platform

Insight and market research professionals rely on Snap Surveys for expert data collection and feedback management solutions to generate insights that drive action.

Snap Surveys offers Snap XMP, a collaborative experience measurement platform for survey design, data collection, feedback management, advanced analysis and customized reporting. Research professionals can create engaging experiences – surveys, forms, evaluations and more. Design for any survey mode – online, mobile, offline and scannable paper surveys – in any language. 

Snap Surveys XMP main page showing three people.

Snap XMP empowers organizations to make smarter decisions backed by meaningful insights.

  • Create surveys that engage. Reach anyone, anywhere, with any device, online or offline.
  • Collaborate for a streamlined workflow. Agile teamwork brings your project to life.
  • Generate customized reports and utilize built-in analysis tools for deep-dive analysis.

The platform is supported by a dedicated team of technical experts and training professionals. Snap XMP meets trusted data privacy, security and protection standards that you’d expect from a modern platform.

Should customers choose, the Snap Surveys projects team have the knowledge and expertise to take on any survey project to generate the results you need. From design and analysis to custom feedback solutions, the team will ensure your survey project is a success.

Snap Surveys offers trusted solutions, helping research professionals make informed decisions with confidence. Contact us to schedule a free live demonstration.