Pinterest and Talk Shoppe’s long lasting collaboration  

Editor’s note: Talk Shoppe and Pinterest are finalists of the 2023 Client/Supplier Collaboration award, which is a category in the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards. The winners of the awards will be announced on November 14 during a virtual celebration. To find out more about the awards, visit 

Talk Shoppe is proud to have partnered with Pinterest on 30+ research studies since 2017, and to have fostered a collaborative working relationship founded on the common North Star of Positivity. Together, they have generated high-impact findings for the categories of food and beverage, fashion, decor, wellness, automotive, technology and finance. 

Tal Oren, head of growth and learning at Talk Shoppe, answered the following questions about the collaboration with Pinterest. 

How do you uphold each company’s mission while collaborating?   

The collaboration between Talk Shoppe and Pinterest thrives on a shared commitment to positivity. Part of that commitment is demonstrated by how both companies show up to research projects. Talk Shoppe and Pinterest maintain constant dialogue to ensure that both parties are aligned at every step, minimizing miscommunications and maximizing the sharing of relevant information.  

The two companies uphold their missions perhaps most strongly when it comes time to share findings and reporting: an open forum discussion takes place, fostering an environment free from ego-driven agendas. Both teams genuinely desire to bring forth the best insights, benefiting from each other's expertise and perspectives. 

What skill sets do you find most valuable in a client/supplier collaboration?  

Transparency is paramount: Clients have to be honest and upfront with suppliers about their goals, both internal and external, actual key dates and what parts of the research are crucial and what parts are just "nice to have.”  

If a supplier knows these things upfront they are better able to prioritize their time and energy, and I can guarantee you that the client will end up with better insights and deliverables. Constant and open communication is obviously key. This is part of why our partnership with Pinterest has been so successful - we genuinely see ourselves as an extension of their team and will communicate with them as such.  

How has collaboration impacted each company? 

The collaboration between Talk Shoppe and Pinterest has had a profound impact on both organizations. For Talk Shoppe, it has solidified our reputation as an innovative and empathetic research agency. This partnership has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of Pinterest's business needs and deliver strategic recommendations that elevate Pinterest's work, enhancing our credibility and positioning us as a trusted partner.  

For Pinterest, the collaboration has resulted in high-impact findings across various categories, enabling them to provide advertisers with nuanced and expert-level perspectives. This has strengthened Pinterest's position as a platform for inspiration and discovery. Overall, the collaboration has fostered a positive, collaborative and mutually beneficial environment that continues to drive both Talk Shoppe and Pinterest toward their respective missions and goals.