Strategies to Make Your Research More Valuable to Executives

Editor's note: Research Innovation and ROI Inc. gave a webinar on making research more valuable to executives on Nov. 2, 2009. Duration 57:45.

Quirk’s and Research Innovation and ROI Inc. have partnered to conduct an annual study called the Four Rs of Research: Revenue, Risk, Results and Return. The objectives of the study are to help client-side researchers maximize the business impacts associated with research initiatives, reduce unnecessary costs and more explicitly quantify the economic value of research while linking it to financial outcomes.

Join Brett Hagins, partner, Research Innovation and ROI Inc., and Quirk’s Editor Joe Rydholm for a complimentary Webcast in which Hagins discusses the methodology and findings from this important study. Learn what other firms are doing (and not doing) to maximize their research efforts and dollars.

Key takeaways:

1. Getting executives to think further out.

  • anticipating future scenarios
  • early engagement
  • research screening processes as a tool to leverage for early engagement

2. Anticipating executive decision-making frameworks.

  • conversation guides
  • scenario planning
  • overcoming objections


  • Brett Hagins, partner, Research Innovation and ROI Inc.