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IGV Marktforschung GmbH


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Company Description

IGV Marktforschung GmbH is a full-service institute. We can conduct both quantitative and qualitative studies on your behalf. If you wish, we will serve as your sole-source provider, performing all tasks that the job may entail. Or you can entrust us to carry out individual tasks as you see fit. We also have qualified partners to call on if the job requires specialized skills and sector knowledge. IGV Marktforschung GmbH has long served the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, and it remains a focal point at our company. With good reason: our interdisciplinary team brings to the table considerable industry expertise and skills. This enables us to set up at short notice panels staffed with doctors and patients on your behalf. Our mindset is innovative and our approach is interdisciplinary, yet we always strive to keep it simple. As a results-focused company, we put the customer first, particularly the benefits that we can bring to your business. You can count on IGV Marktforschung GmbH to respond swiftly. You will always have a personal contact you can reach 24/7 throughout the project.

Year Established:   1994

Research Services and Specializations

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Dreieichstr. 59
Frankfurt am Main 60594
Customer Contact(s):
Mehdi Farrokhnia, Senior Project Manager
  • 49-6924240899
  • 49-6924240893 (fax)
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Affiliations & Certifications
Berufsverband Deutscher Markt-und Sozialforscher (BVM) | ESOMAR (International) | EphMRA (International)