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Strategic Research Initiatives LLC

Phoenix, AZ

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Company Description

Strategic Research Initiatives LLC (SRI) is a full-service market research and branding agency based in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in March of 2009, SRI handles a variety of qualitative and quantitative research projects, including: customer satisfaction/experience, buyer segmentation, advertising and branding, concept development testing, journey mapping, large data analysis, benchmarking and pricing studies. We have conducted focus groups, recruited and conducted individual interviews (including with C-suite executives) and designed and managed mystery shopping studies in multiple industries.

SRI also conducts B2B research with key customers and distributors as well as among prospective new clients. These efforts have included concept development as well as evaluations of best practices, customer satisfaction and engagement and market entry investigations for new product entries and expansion into other countries/regions.

SRI specializes in international research and regularly conducts business in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Oceania. SRI has dedicated partners for work in a number of countries, including Cuba and in Australia, as well as key partner options in other key international markets, to provide low-cost and on-time data. We also work with our clients on specific rapid growth strategies to implement after economic downturns in sales and revenues. We have continuing client relationships in Australia, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom.

SRI has extensive expertise in automotive research, primarily with the manufacturers (including electric and autonomous vehicles) but also with key suppliers, for product development and concept testing with consumers through all stages of vehicle development, including for new vehicle launches or refreshes – typically via car clinics. SRI manages the recruiting and flying of respondents to central location clinics in North America, Europe and Asia. We also work with motorsports clients as well as those in the heavy-duty truck and construction equipment segments, including work on new technology innovations and applications.

SRI also works within a variety of sectors, including: airlines, telecommunications, financial services, economic development, education, municipalities, utilities, agriculture, package goods, information technology, travel and hospitality, insurance, restaurant/food/drink services, health care, non-profit/NGO and sports companies/organizations, among others. These studies include all types of consumer research studies as well as some specific B2B and employee survey efforts.

On the branding side, we have paired with international actors, singers and athletes to identify and maximize their sponsorship opportunities and revenue. We also have done tests for entertainment/media companies on customer reactions to new concept development/pilots for films and television series, both within North America and internationally. We have developed and conducted quantitative benchmarking studies on key metrics, including brand equity and funnel measures, as well as brand positioning.

SRI is known for its extensive market research survey and interviewing guide development and their high-level analytical reports, which are always focused on executive summary recommendations for next steps and salient findings. SRI is client-focused and inventive.

Year Established:   2009

Number of Employees:   7

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35708 N. Zachary Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85142-5861
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Tim Grainey, Managing Member
  • 480-457-1688
  • 480-457-1688 (fax)
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