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Targoz Market Research

Nashville, TN

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Brand Identity Political Research Consultation Quantitative Research Focus Group-Moderating Qualitative-Online

Company Description

Whether you’re embarking on a strategy of innovation, protecting a brand or expanding into new markets, we deliver actionable insights that power growth for your company.

Our innovative and tailored solutions have helped clients across various industries, from manufacturing and logistics to energy and utilities, creative and public affairs agencies and beyond. We show how consumers, businesses, voters or stakeholders think and help you shape perceptions to sell your idea, product or solution.

Thanks to our suite of fraud prevention tools to detect and block bad actors or bots from our online survey results, we provide insights and recommendations you can trust. Along with industry-leading IP reputation data and respondent validation solutions, we use our own in-house survey tools to better protect your survey data and intellectual property.

Our experience with online qualitative research long predates the pandemic. Our online tools, such as our vision boards, use the social interactions of an online community to engage participants and reveal deep insights quickly and cost-effectively.

Our guiding principles are curiosity, learning about our customers and the market, concise results and delivering hard truths.

Fighting for progress and integrity in the insights and polling industry is also part of our DNA. As corporate members, we proudly adhere to ESOMAR’s standards of ethical and professional conduct for the global data, research and insights community.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.

Year Established:   2008

Research Services and Specializations

414 Union St., Suite 1900
Nashville, TN 37219
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Randy Ellison, President
  • 615-410-4553
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