Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

MON.9:001Rep Data, Mintel5 Strategies to Achieve Feasibility and High-Quality Respondents
MON.9:002Tyson FoodsBeyond the Data - Influencing with Intuition & Storytelling
MON.9:003WS Audiology, FerraraHow Stigma is Defining the New Normal
MON.9:004EyeSeeBest shopper recession strategy: Raise prices or decrease volume?
MON.9:451Black Swan Data, Conagra BrandsHow Social Data Is Powering Conagra’s Consumer Insights
MON.9:452Olson Zaltman, Molson CoorsRoots of the Problem: How empathy helped unlock the untold story of the African American beer market
MON.9:453Coefficient Capital, TolunaThe consumer at an inflection point: Health is wealth, and food is medicine
MON.9:454Numerator, Mark Anthony Brands Inc.Bubbling to the Top: Getting a Taste for Consumer Shopping Behaviors to Develop Data-Backed Pack Strategies
MON.9:002Tyson FoodsBeyond the Data - Influencing with Intuition & Storytelling
MON.10:301E-Tabs, KantarIt’s magical! How Kantar leverages report automation for faster, more efficient and more accurate project reporting
MON.10:302Insight Management Academy (IMA)The 42 secrets of successful corporate insight teams
MON.10:303Suzy, e.l.f. BeautyInnovate. Validate. Repeat. The Importance of Connected Research with e.l.f. Beauty
MON.10:304ZappiHow to survive (and thrive) in the connected insights era
MON.11:151Dig Insights, Panera BreadHow Panera Bread Is Using the Principles of R.E.D. Marketing to Rethink Marketing Strategy
MON.11:152OvationMRBusiness insights that save lives: choice modeling with first responders to drive innovation with Bullard
MON.11:153Protobrand, The Kraft Heinz CompanyHow Kraft Heinz used behavioral science to explore the meaning of 'enhanced' taste
MON.11:154GroupSolver, Inc.Why we are comfortable with store-brand paper towels but not laundry detergent: GroupSolver and PWC dive deep into customer attitudes toward private-label brands
MON.12:001GfK, Mondelēz InternationalSnacking made right: How Mondelēz uncovers new occasions and needs for snacking success
MON.12:002Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don’t know and what IRT is doing to address the threat
MON.12:003Hunter-Miller, Inc.Let Me Explain Black, Again
MON.12:004Curion, The Kraft Heinz CompanyA Splash of Flavor in Product Testing Excites New Developments in Beverages
MON.1:30184.51°The Quest for Quality: Benefits of behaviorally targeted sampling
MON.1:302Quester, PepsicoLeveraging consumer narratives to build a targeted portfolio strategy
MON.1:303Compeer FinancialHow to Meet the Changing Needs of a New Generation of Customers
MON.1:304Beall Research, Inc.Want your brand to capture their hearts? Identify and address buyers' emotional needs.
MON.2:151UScellularUScellular, on a mission to find US
MON.2:152Relative InsightTaking A Trip Through Text Analytics: Exploring Data From Surprising Sources
MON.2:153Ipsos Strategy3A New World Disorder: Opportunity in a Polycrisis
MON.2:154C+R Research, Kellogg'sCollaborative Partnerships Lead to Stronger Actionable Insights
MON.3:001Aha! Insights TechnologyLeveraging Activity-Based Methods to Discover your Brand's Aha! Moments
MON.3:002GWIFeeling the pressure: Consumer spending in permacrisis
MON.3:003The Kraft Heinz Company, quantilopeFrom Insights to Action: How Kraft Heinz Transforms Tracking Data Into Real-World Strategies Meeting the Needs of the Evolving Cream Cheese Consumer
MON.3:004Johnsonville, GLJ Research, LLCProtocepting - Turning Great Ideas Into Great Products
MON.4:001NielsenIQ BASES, Molson Coors"Trust the strategy, optimize the execution" - How we leverage neuroscience to drive stronger ROI for your ads.
MON.4:002CMI Research, ForstaMaking the magic happen: How to create the ultimate agile 360 segmentation to drive engagement and growth
MON.4:003FerraraCareer development in a changing market research industry - a global study by MRII of market research professionals about their profession and how it is impacting work and career prospects.
MON.4:004Behaviorally, The Kraft Heinz CompanyOwn the Most valuable moment of Influence, A case study session with KraftHeinz
MON.4:451VoxpopmeRising Costs and Shrinking Wallets: How Shoppers are Tackling Inflation
MON.4:452Purdue UniversityPurdue Global: Building a higher education brand for working adults
MON.4:453MarketVision ResearchPatient communities: A case study about the realities of this approach
MON.4:454McDonald’sLeveraging Employee Narratives to Build a Better Loyalty Program
TUES.9:001Insight Management Academy (IMA)How to develop an insight leader's playbook
TUES.9:002Jasper ColinStriking the right balance between Technology and Human Touch in B2B research
TUES.9:003IpsosDefending the Customer During Economic Uncertainty: 5 best practices for getting and securing buy-in for CX investments
TUES.9:004FaderFocusContextual Intelligence – Guiding Business Success by Reframing Business Challenges and Perceptions of People (Updated 7.27.23)
TUES.9:451Fuel Cycle, T-MobileBeyond Surveys: Leveraging Online Communities for Business Growth
TUES.9:452First Insights, AmazonCANCELLED: Delivering the goods: How enterprise orgs use ResearchOps for better insights
TUES.9:453InsightsNowThe Critical Role of Insights in Achieving Sustainability: A Panel Discussion
TUES.9:454Voxpopme, MarsSomething to Chew On: How Mars is Going Beyond Consumer-Centricity to Better Understand Human Behavior
TUES.10:301EntropikWelcome to research 2.0 : AI-Powered Research Platforms
TUES.10:302Pulsar PlatformThe audience-first approach to achieving and measuring impact
TUES.10:303OvationMR, Pellucid CorpBogey to Birdie: The positive impact of Covid on the changing Golf Industry
TUES.10:304aytmInnovating for the sustainably-minded consumer: Insights from food shoppers
TUES.11:151GutCheck - a Toluna company, The Clorox CompanyEvolving Insights Agility Through People, Process, and Partners
TUES.11:152Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don’t know and what IRT is doing to address the threat
TUES.11:153Ulta BeautyRight Time, Right Approach = Right for the Business
TUES.11:154EMI Research Solutions, BrandTrustUncovering the Truth: Mental Health and the Combined Power of Narrative Inquiry and Strategic Sample Blending
TUES.12:001Statista QLeveraging AI to assess voice of customer insights from unstructured online customer reviews
TUES.12:002Market Logic SoftwareAI for Insights is a Game Changer
TUES.12:003Ferrara, 8th DayBusting organizational myths: what works, what doesn’t and how to avoid myths in the future.
TUES.12:004SightX, Kent Pet GroupTransformative Tech: How Kent Pet is Leveraging Technology to Bring Actionable Insights to their Organization
TUES.1:301Reach3 Insights, Rival TechnologiesCommunity 2.0: How Diageo, Samsung, Dell, John Deere & Brunswick are Modernizing their Insight Communities Through Mobile Chat-Based Research Techniques
TUES.1:302Ignite 360Inspiring Stakeholders to Take Action: Leveraging Storytelling and Empathy to Drive Results
TUES.1:303Zeldis Research AssociatesAmerica’s Most Wanted: Addressing Current Challenges in Market Research Data Collection
TUES.1:304NAILBITER, The Kraft Heinz CompanyHow Kraft Heinz Decoded the Fragmented Grocery e-Commerce Channel
TUES.2:151Stravito, La-Z-BoyGoing Beyond Consumer Centricity at La-Z-Boy
TUES.2:152WalgreensTop 3 Insights Into Insights: Ask the Right Questions Before, During and After an Analysis
TUES.2:153ParamountThe Emotional Lives of Kids and Families - Navigating Uncertainty Into the Next Normal
TUES.2:154Cannonball AgencyThe Scary Side of Excellence: What if your brand's medical messaging was accidentally scaring people away?
TUES.3:001Customer Care Measurement & ConsultingThe Payoff of Making Delight Intentional - First Ever Rigorous Study
TUES.3:002Wilton BrandsDefeating fraudsters: one client’s solution to the survey data quality crisis
TUES.3:003The Social QuestionWhat Moderating Now Means in a World of Influencers
TUES.3:004Dominican UniversityShould the MRX industry regulate itself or be regulated by the government?
TUES.3:451TovalaSo You've Gone to the Client Side
TUES.3:452BICHow yoga principles can breathe life into data:  10 simple steps for deeper insights with heart
TUES.3:453NerderyThe Evolving Role of Research in the Digital Product Lifecycle: A Case Study with a Global Healthcare Provider
TUES.3:454CloverpopHow Market Researchers can save the day by becoming Decision Scientists