Below is a list of the available presentation materials from speakers. Please note that numerous speakers could not get permission from their legal departments to share their presentations.

WED.10:001Kantar Insights UKDare to be different: lessons learnt from innovating in the food, soft drink, and alcohol sectors
WED.10:002ZappiAI and the new researcher hierarchy of needs
WED.10:003Queen Mary University of LondonConsumer Insights from User Generated Content
WED.10:004Carlsberg BreweriesTransforming Insight Strategy at Carlsberg
WED.10:005Black Swan DataHow AI Can Deliver Innovation Your Customers Really Want
WED.10:451AttestBreaking the mould: How blending methodologies will ignite your growth in 2023
WED.10:452King, Truth ConsultingInsight storytelling: creating ideas that stick.
WED.10:453DVJ Insights, Dentsu Internatinal/CaratCase study of Carat: Revealing the world's most emotionally intelligent brands through AI-powered Mass Qual
WED.10:454PremiseAround the world in 80 days: Discover how Unilever, Mondelez and more leverage smartphones to gain actionable insights from across the world, Digitising Discovery – Understanding the challenges and opportunities that insight leaders face with digital insight
WED.11:301DHL Global Forwarding, Senior Sales Director  Head of Customer Experience DACH - ForstaWhen transactional meets relational – the rubber hits the road.
WED.11:302LowellHow Lowell engage with customers in problem debt
WED.11:303DynataStorytelling, Product and Purpose: Which approach provides an advantage in advertising? An analysis of creative work.
WED.11:304EyeSee, Haagen Dazs, General MillsPioneering HFSS research: Rethink promotion and positioning in store
WED.11:305Sinebrychoff Part of the Carlsberg Group, Carlsberg Sweden, CambriFrom traditional insights to AI: How Carlsberg Sweden and Sinebrychoff, part of Carlsberg Group, innovate probably the best beer in the world.
WED.12:151OvationMRCovid’s Impact on Purchasing Emotions Towards Hygiene and Disinfecting Products
WED.12:152Tyl by NatWestRooting your business in the customer: a grassroots guide to segmentation
WED.12:153Mindlab, Hearst UKBody Love - Can the right activities get us out of a negative body image spiral?
WED.12:154Insight Management AcademyHow to develop an insight leader’s playbook
WED.12:155Ascribe, TolunaUnlocking the Power of AI in Verbatim Coding
WED.1:451Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don't know, and what IRT is doing to address the threat
WED.1:452Blue Yonder Research, UnileverThe art of Holisticism: designing for incredible experiences
WED.1:453PulsarSustainability: what does it even mean today?
WED.1:454InsightWomen talk 9.7x more about packaging, but men want to look cool - how text analysis reveals what your choice of vape says about you...
WED.1:455FlavorWikiModeling the 360º Consumer Experience: Learn how you can measure each step of your consumers' brand and product journey, to focus on what really impacts customer delight and repeat purchase.
WED.2:301Pernod Ricard HQBeyond KPI’s monitoring: How Pernod Ricard leverages social listening in a consumer-centric strategy
WED.2:302Beyond ReasonSex sells, but neuroscience does it better!
WED.2:303EntropikAI-powered consumer insights: Maximize the impact of your research
WED.2:304Stravito, Burberry, Shell, Cambridge University Press & AssessmentPanel: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for 2023
WED.2:305SailGPLessons learnt from my 1st 100 days as an agency turned client-side researcher
WED.3:151FFINDQuantitative Research in the Metaverse: M.A.Y.B.E. is real
WED.3:152Kantar ProfilesHumour: the deadly serious role it can play in market research
WED.3:153PureSpectrum, MTMHEART: The Barometer of Healthy Acquisition and Retention
WED.3:154Insight Management Academy, Transport for LondonTransforming Insight generation at Transport for London
WED.3:155Quilt AI Pte Ltd, Coca-ColaPredictive AI goes to the Super Bowl
WED.4:001This Is InsightMarketing research 2.0: The ChatGPT era
WED.4:002BTEDI best practice guidelines for client-side researchers
WED.4:003VeylinxAction-focused innovation tracking: How to get in the driver's seat?
WED.4:005Toluna, Budweiser Brewing Group UK&IHow Budweiser Brewing Group is leveraging agile technology and services to get fast, quality insights from consumers
WED.4:451Market Research SocietyIs Insight Alchemy still to be found in 2023?
WED.4:452SKIM, Edrington UKHow Edrington UK optimized its omnichannel path-to-purchase strategy
WED.4:453Bol Foods, Field Agent Uk LtdHow Shoppers choose what product to buy in store and evaluating customer satisfaction after purchase
WED.4:454Syren Strategy, DistellDeep, human insight in an automated world: Managing international brands on limited budgets with Distell International
WED.4:455Emotional Logic Ltd7 facts about humans that will change the way you do research
THUR.10:002Boxclever, Virgin Media O2 BusinessThe Virgin Media O2 SME audiences: an example of a great segmentation
THUR.10:003Beano BrainRaising Generation Alpha: How Millennial Parenting is Impacting the Next Generation & How to Avoid Alienating Millennial Moms and Dads
THUR.10:004DataExpertMulti-step workflow for customer segmentation
THUR.10:005FlexMRThe New Rules of Engagement: Influence and Impact in a Hybrid World
THUR.10:451Lara Meyer Insights LtdOvercoming imposter feelings as you rise, as a woman, in your research career
THUR.10:452InnovateMRManaging Participant Experience in Mixed-Methodology Research
THUR.10:453Quest Mindshare, Innovative Research TechnologiesChatGPT: What we know, what we don't know, and what IRT is doing to address the threat
THUR.10:454Coca-Cola Europacific PartnersTransforming Insight at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
THUR.10:455Blue Yonder ResearchThe Art of Precision: Driving buy-in and action beyond the debrief
THUR.11:301BehaviorallyFrom Clicks to Conversions: The Role of Image Optimisation in eCommerce Success
THUR.11:302Trinity McQueen, Skipton Building SocietyConvincing a boardroom of accountants to invest in brand: a story of insight effectiveness
THUR.11:303OvationMRBogey to Birdie: The positive impact of Covid on the changing Golf Industry
THUR.11:304E-Tabs, djs ResearchThe Art of Automation: for engaging, insightful and accurate large-scale reporting
THUR.11:305AXA Insurance, Walnut UnlimitedMoja: fuelled by insights and upping the stakes in the insurtech revolution
THUR.12:151Bold InsightBetter Together: How Market Research and UX Research Support Product and Service Development
THUR.12:152Caplena, England RugbyGenerative AI meets text analysis for a quant and qual understanding of rugby players' attitudes
THUR.12:153Keen as Mustard Marketing, Vue International, Haleon, AURA, The National TheatreBeyond storytelling - creating an insight-driven culture
THUR.12:154Insight Management AcademyTransforming Insight communication: Shaping, sharing and zhoozhing
THUR.12:155C SpaceWant to save the human race? Stop talking to customers about sustainability.
THUR.1:451This Is InsightHow ChatGPT changes everything about how we work
THUR.1:452RNIB, 2CVInclusive Journeys: An exploration of the experiences of blind and partially sighted people on public transport
THUR.1:453Borderless Access, BLOCKHEADGrowth hacking the moments that matter to create new category opportunities
THUR.1:454Internet Research BureauLet’s talk about Market research purchasing plans in 2024
THUR.1:455RubiklabWe need to talk about Sydney!
THUR.2:301InmarsatCreating Inmarsat's Insights Portal
THUR.2:302Savelsberg ResearchWhat do they think about Cannabis: A Deep Dive into Feelings and Opinions of  consumers from the Netherlands and Newly Legalized Thailand
THUR.2:303Relish, Southern WaterThe Rise of Deliberative and Collaborative Research -  Agency and Client Joint Session
THUR.2:304Insight Management Academy, DeliverooTransforming Insight strategy at Deliveroo
THUR.2:305Heineken UKUnderstanding consumer choices in a cost of living crisis
THUR.3:151FlumeQualitative Research in Action. Curated By AQR (Association for Qualitative Research).
THUR.3:152Whitbread, Human8Delivering long lasting impact from a Customer Experience Framework at Premier Inn
THUR.3:154The Candor CompanyYour participants are your MOST valuable asset. Are you wasting your time and theirs?
THUR.3:155NRG (National Research Group), SkyUnderstanding the Future of Series