Building an effective survey, finding the right respondents, fielding the survey and analyzing the information can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Companies that specialize in survey solutions can provide you with everything you need to take full advantage of the surveying process. Whether you need to conduct a survey online, on a mobile device, over the phone or in the mail, these companies can have the services and technologies to help you at every stage, from survey creation to data analysis. They can assist you in finding the right respondents for your survey and provide tools like survey templates and questionnaire designs, allowing you to create surveys that provide a fun and engaging respondent experience as well as surveys that are designed to give you the clearest and most useful insights. Once your survey has been conducted and completed, these companies’ specialized technologies can also aid in analyzing large and complex sets of data, giving you insights that can help improve business decisions. For your survey needs, consider these companies and their methodologies, technologies and solutions.

The Bernett Group

Founded 1972 | 325+ employees

Matt Hayes, President and CEO

The Bernett Group is a marketing research firm providing organizations with data collection services and survey solutions. We collect actionable, reliable data empowering our clients to make informed business decisions – ranging from sales, product development and R&D to customer experience, employee insight and brand identity. Headquartered in Boston and operating call centers across the United States, Bernett’s capabilities include call center services, rich-media online surveys, smart panels and virtual focus groups. With over 40 years of experience in the marketing research industry, when you have questions, we know how to provide you with the answers you need to move your business forward.

Phone 617-466-6940

Canadian Viewpoint, Inc.

Founded 1980 | 50 employees

Carol Udell, CEO

Canadian Viewpoint specializes in high-quality fieldwork and data collection solutions for offline, online, qualitative and quantitative research. We are experts in English and French 

Canada and also offer fieldwork services globally. Our proprietary online panels include a Canadian consumer panel of more than 300,000 double opt-in validated panelists, as well as other specialized panels (e.g., medical). We offer programming, sampling, face-to-face (e.g., intercept/mall research, taste/pack tests, exit interviews, IDIs, groups) and CATI with our own in-house phone center. We pride ourselves on building innovative and unique solutions to meet your fieldwork needs in a timely, friendly and collaborative manner. 

Phone 905-770-1770

Capture Information Services Group

Founded 1991 | 50 employees

Stuart H. Marion, Managing Partner

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise, we have extensive knowledge in not only every aspect of the survey process but with many survey topics, allowing us to zero in on the best practices. We don’t use pre-made, off-the-shelf programs but rather work closely with you to create programs and reporting options customized to best meet your needs and budget. We specialize in executing customer service assessment programs and organizational effectiveness research interviews. Using our toll-free inbound call centers or online methodologies, Capture also provides in-depth personal and professional interviews for employee, consumer and B2B research.  

Phone 772-223-5400, 866-463-8638


Founded 1996

Terry Lawlor, Executive Vice President

Confirmit enables organizations to develop and implement market research and customer experience programs that deliver insight and drive business change. Confirmit’s clients create multichannel, multilingual feedback and research programs that engage customers, deliver a compelling respondent experience and provide high return on investment. We have over 20 years of experience in listening to the requirements of market research agencies and developing software to meet their ever-evolving needs. As clients demand faster, cheaper and more strategic insights to drive business decisions, Confirmit understands your challenges and is constantly developing solutions that allow you to deliver rapid, high-quality and cost-effective research results.

Phone 800-864-5266

Critical Mix

Founded 2011 | 160+ employees globally

Hugh Davis and Keith Price, Co-CEOs

Our passion is simplifying access to insights for better business decisions. Leading companies around the world rely on our easy-to-use, collaborative tools for seamless access to global target audiences, survey programming and management, data visualization and reporting. Work together with us, do it yourself or let us do everything for you. No matter the size or type of project, Critical Mix believes that you should always be able to contact someone to get help or a question answered. Our experienced team cares deeply about your business, anticipates your needs and is always available whenever needed.

Phone 800-651-8240

Focus Pointe Global

Founded 1988 | 480 employees

Laura Livers, CEO

FPG provides high-quality marketing research data collection services by leveraging new techniques and technologies that make market insights more accessible, accurate and affordable. Whether quick-turn insights or more in-depth research, FPG incorporates accepted methodologies with digital solutions. Its team of survey experts has the sampling expertise for pinpoint accuracy in delivering the right participants, at the right time, in the right environment. FPG’s 1.6 million-member panel provides the participants required for any qualitative or quantitative study. With 18 focus group facilities in major U.S. markets, FPG is committed to providing unrivaled research solutions with professional integrity and the highest level of service quality.

Phone 888-873-6287

FV Decipher

Founded 1994 | 400 employees

Jamin Brazil, CEO 

FV Decipher is the fastest, easiest and just plain best online mobile survey solution. It’s the only real-time insight platform built for researchers, by researchers. FV Decipher delivers best-in-class survey programming, data collection and reporting. The solution’s mobile-first design works on virtually any device and 90 percent of the world’s largest companies and market research firms have utilized it. We continually partner with pro researchers to improve completion rates, increase programming productivity and ease systems integration. Top enterprise clients include: eBay, Microsoft, Nielsen, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Coca-Cola, Visa, Lightspeed GMI, Eli Lilly and many Fortune 500 companies.

Phone 844-712-6777

Gravic, Inc. – Remark Software

Founded 1979 | 50 employees

Dr. Bruce Holenstein, President and CEO

Gather information affordably, quickly, easily and accurately with Gravic’s Remark Software. Pioneers in OMR software technology and survey solution leaders with over 75,000 customers in 130+ countries, Remark Software powers countless surveys across the globe. Remark Office OMR collects and analyzes data from plain-paper surveys you create and print. You scan your completed surveys with an image scanner or multifunction printer (no special forms/hardware needed). Create and administer online surveys with Remark Web Survey® on your Web site. Use the products together for mixed-mode surveys. Both products contain built-in analysis reports and allow exporting data to a variety of formats.

Phone 610-647-7850


Founded 2017 

Brad Larson, Founder/CEO

Ironwood Insights Group leads the market research industry by offering a seamless combination of all research methodologies into one point of service. Our ability to provide consultation, design questionnaires, source sample, field surveys, analyze data and report valuable insights to our clients is unmatched. Our clients can focus on implementation and strategy rather than fielding and tabulations. Our qualitative and quantitative methodologies enhance one another as a combined solution or can be provided as stand-alone services. We are a smaller firm dedicated to providing the best research solutions at reasonable rates. Call or visit our Web site today for “Insights that provide clarity and drive action.”

Phone 215-688-8469


Founded 2003 | 18 employees

Ken Berry, CEO

Jibunu is a pioneer in technology-enabled research services with roots as a software development company and a history of cutting-edge online data collections services and solutions. Known for quantitative survey programming, Jibunu focuses on the respondent experience while addressing the researcher’s needs. With their unique combination of technological prowess and understanding of the research industry, Jibunu allows researchers the flexibility to bring their ideas to life. They work collaboratively with research teams, using technology to differentiate them from their competitors. From quantitative collection needs to qualitative support to data migrations and integrations, Jibunu has your technology needs covered.

Phone 978-537-5510


Founded 1996 | 700+ employees globally 

Caroline Frankum, Global CEO

Lightspeed is bringing brands closer to their customers than ever before. Our incredibly talented and award-winning survey design team (29 awards and counting in the last five years!) can help connect you to your target customer. And from incorporating video open-ends and tracking emotional reaction, to designing the perfect mobile-optimized survey to meet consumers in the moment, we’re embracing technology to illuminate data through deeper conversations and richer insights. Headquartered in Warren, N.J., with offices around the globe, Lightspeed is part of Kantar, one of the world’s leading data, insight and consultancy companies.

Phone 908-605-4500

M3 Global Research

Founded 2006 | 200+ employees

Amber Leila Esco, CSO

M3 operates in the Americas, Asia and Europe with 3.5 million+ physician members via our medical portals. Within the health care/life science industry, M3 focuses beyond market research with medical education, ethical drug promotion, clinical development, job recruitment and clinic appointment services. M3 Global Research provides the most comprehensive and quality research recruitment and support services available industry-wide, with relationships reaching respondents in over 70 countries. M3 maintains ISO 26362 and 27001 certifications and provides management services that cover the spectrum of research methodologies utilized today. Beyond HCPS, M3 creates and maintains panels of patients and caregivers.

Phone quantitative: 844-M3-QUANT;
qualitative: 844-M3-VIEWS

Markelytics Solutions

Founded 2003 | 300 employees 

Mr. Jasal Shah, MD/CEO

Markelytics Solutions is a leading global agency providing end-to-end research solutions, trusted by the best. We are a worldwide presence facilitating real market intelligence using the latest methodologies, best-in-class research techniques and cost-effective measures for the world’s leading research professionals and agencies. We have created multiple success stories for 90+ clients from 80+ markets across the globe, covering Asia, Africa, Middle East, America and Europe. Having completed 4.1 million surveys and more, we have established ourselves as the most preferred partner for providing survey solutions. We also have proprietary health care panels in nine countries and our services include global project management, global data collection, survey programming and data processing.

MarketSight LLC

Founded 2006 | 25 employees

Michael DeNitto, CEO

MarketSight is the easiest and most powerful data visualization and reporting software for researchers and data analysts. Transform any survey into meaningful insights with MarketSight’s intuitive and robust reporting tools and interactive dashboards. MarketSight seamlessly integrates with all leading survey platforms and data formats for fast and easy uploads, data editing, automated statistical testing and instant access to survey results. Only MarketSight offers the unique ability to easily collaborate among colleagues and share key findings across enterprises, within a secure, dynamic environment at no additional charge. Start a free trial today at 

Phone 866-622-2763

Mindfield – Tech Integration and Audience Insights

Founded 1980 | 110 employees

Gary McMillion, CEO

Boasting a rich tradition of almost 40 years in market research and data collection as McMillion Research, Mindfield is the high-end, single resource for all of your online and CATI needs. State-of-the-art online solutions that are robust and pleasing to both the client and online users are daily deliverables for our team. Coupled with MindField Online, the premier consumer panel, research is done right and in high-quality with our real-time electronic countermeasures to insure quality data (IQD™). Real-time reporting, dashboards and crosstabs that are presentation-ready are always a few clicks away on all projects. We are the solution you’re looking for.

Phone 800-969-9235

mo’web GmbH

Founded 2004 | 43 employees

Herbert Höckel, CEO

Mo’web utilizes digitalization to make better market research. With more than 1.5 million users in proprietary panels and equipped with a diverse set of innovative tools, mo’web conducts national and international surveys. Mo’web offers the whole spectrum of classical market research. Leading your project as a full-service company or as a provider of selected services only. The company was founded in 2004 in Düsseldorf, Germany. To this day it is independent and managed by its founders.

Phone +49 211 8282800

Opinion Access Corp.

Founded 1995 | 400+ employees

Lance Hoffman, CEO

Opinion Access Corp. (OAC) has been delivering expert survey solutions through superior project management for over 20 years. Regarded as one of the leading companies in the industry, OAC provides researchers and consultants with a one-stop shop for all data collection and data processing needs. Our 350+ CATI interviewing stations alongside our unique online surveying solutions enable us to cater to clients with a wide range of varying budgets and goals. 100 percent Web-enabled, we offer CATI and CATI over Web from any of our 350+ interviewing stations, along with programming and hosting for full-service or sample-only online studies.

Phone 718-729-2728  

Reconnect Research

Founded 2015 | 9+ employees

Scott Richards, Co-Founder and CEO;
James Diorio, Co-Founder

Reconnect Research offers a new telephone research methodology that is fresh, random, representative sample. RICS (Redirected Inbound Call Sampling) is an inbound call-sampling tool, where the respondent initiates the call. RICS’ mission is to provide telephone research with precision at a fraction of the time and cost of outbound DFRDD surveying. Compared to DFRDD, RICS yields unweighted samples that more closely match the characteristics of the general population. “We had an UWE of 1.14 … I was shocked … I’ve fielded well over 100 outbound telephone surveys and I’ve never had results that matched the population this nicely,” said Burton Levine of RTI International.

Phone 1-800-Reconnect

Red Centre Software

Founded 2007 | 6 employees

Dr. Dale Chant, Director

Red Centre Software develops and markets Ruby, the world’s premier crosstabulator for data processing and analysis on desktop and mobile platforms. Only Ruby gives you the confidence that, no matter how big, complex and dynamic the survey, the client’s requirements can always be met. Quantum-style levels, global FMCG trackers, transaction data (millions of cases) – we have yet to encounter a job Ruby could not handle. Intuitive modern GUI, scriptable, online dashboards, auto-coded verbatims, many stats and direct links to R, push/pull to MS Office and open architecture for integration into wider processes. Also available as a pure engine for powering your own custom portals.

Phone +613 8711 8290


Founded 2002 | 10 employees

Debbie Peternana, CEO

“If We Can’t Do It, It Cannot Be Done!” ReRez specializes in online panel research and creative mixed-mode recruitment. Methodology consultants and online specialists accessing over 40 million globally. Niche organization offering a solution based on client needs. With 15+ years, a proven process, consistent management, a research background in addition to the common technology experience, we have achieved the perfect balance in key attributes making our ability to “Simplify Complexity” greater than any other single company. Single point of contact using the right methodology to find low-incidence, DMs, IT, executives, health care, B2B, B2C. Programming, fast turnaround and flexible pricing.

Phone 774-212-0033

Secret Shopper®

Founded 1990 | 50 employees

Paul F. Ryan, CEO

At Secret Shopper®, our expertise is evaluating the customer experience both in the digital and brick-and-mortar worlds. Whether you’re reaching out to customers, employees or vendors, we provide survey options online, over the phone or yes, even by mail. With over 25 years of experience, we have the participants in place to get the job done. Our in-house IT group can create innovative mobile apps; apps that are easy to navigate/read on any device to meet any business objective. Our Minneapolis-based technical support team prides itself on providing world-class customer service. Find out more here:

Phone 763-525-1460

Snap Surveys, Ltd.

Founded 1981 | 60 employees

Dr. Steve Jenkins, Managing Director/CEO

Building on a unique combination of survey software and research expertise, Snap Surveys has developed innovative survey solutions, becoming a leading survey software provider. Snap Surveys offers both survey software and feedback management solutions with the flexibility of desktop survey software, data collection solutions and survey design services to offer you a fully comprehensive solution. Snap Survey software offers professional researchers a suite of integrated solutions for questionnaire design and administration across all modes of survey research – online, paper and mobile, including: smartphone, tablet and kiosk surveys, in any language. Collect data and easily analyze and generate reports in a complete survey software solution.

Phone U.S. office: 603-610-8700;
U.K. office: 01454 280800

SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977 

Chris Fanning, President and CEO

Celebrating 40 years in business, SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research. SSI reaches participants in 90+ sample countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 40 offices and remote staff in over 20 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, online custom reporting and data processing. SSI›s employees serve more than 3,500 customers worldwide.

Phone 203-567-7200


Founded 2012 | 25 employees

Chris Kelly, CEO

Survata is a technology-driven research company that sells brand intelligence to the world’s leading brands. We let clients measure consumer behaviors and mind-sets after every brand touchpoint. We pioneered retargeted survey technology that tags consumer actions (page visits, purchases, ad impressions, etc.) then retargets those consumers with a survey across our enormous publisher network. The respondents take a survey to unlock the publisher’s existing content. This approach reaches non-panel respondents, hyper-targeted by specific online and offline actions. Our solutions include market research, ad research and customer research. We are based in San Francisco and serve clients globally.

Phone 800-736-0025  


Founded 1976 | 65 employees

Vincent Auger, VP of Sales

Voxco offers one of the broadest and most flexible survey software platforms in the industry. Maximum survey efficiency from a central database that serves multiple survey channels. Collect and process respondent data via device-responsive online surveys, phone interviews (CATI, IVR and dialers) or face-to-face interviewing (CAPI). Clients appreciate the flexible data hosting options, advanced logic features, robust panel management capability and personalized service that Voxco offers. A global industry leader in survey software for 25+ years, currently supporting hundreds of clients in over 30 countries from offices in Canada, USA, France, U.K., Germany and Australia.

Phone 514-861-9255

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