Editor’s note: Kathryn Korostoff is founder and president of Research Rockstar LLC, a Marlborough, Mass.,-based marketing research training and staffing services firm. This is an edited version of a post that originally appeared under the title, “Pandemic-related market research topics you may be planning.” 

President Joe Biden recently announced that all U.S. adults are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. As federal and state agencies work to make this rollout possible, the rest of us are beginning to look beyond our WFH screens to see what the rest of this year might have in store. Previous attempts to plan for a post-COVID-19 reality often seemed like wasted effort in the midst of continued lockdowns and case spikes. But with the administration’s current timeline, many market research and insights teams are starting to inform post-COVID business plans with employee and customer research.

One major area of concern has been making sure the most vulnerable populations are receiving the vaccine. In many areas, racial and ethnic minorities have been hit the hardest. This has caused a need to examine the rollout process to ensure an equitable distribution of doses and education about the safety of the vaccine. What does this mean for researchers?

If you do research with diverse populations, you may be planning to conduct research with them to explore attitudes and perceptions about vaccines, employment issues and other COVID-impacted behaviors. Is your brand perceived as an ally? A resource? A qualitative market research study with the diverse populations your business serves could provide meaningful insights far beyond the “new normal.”

The pandemic’s WFH phenomenon has obviously had a huge impact on many businesses. Two groups that have been experiencing particularly tectonic changes:

Research with business owners, managers and employees is a hot topic now that a post-lockdown business wor...