There are many different ways to measure and gauge customer and user experience. Companies that specialize in CX and UX use a range of tools and methodologies – from more traditional methods like surveys to more tech-based techniques like eye-tracking and biometrics – to give insight into how to your users and customers interact with your brand, products and services and provide ways to improve those experiences. 

From UX to CX (or both), there are companies ready to provide expertise on how to optimize the way users and customers experience your brand. Whether you need assistance with your customer experience, user experience or both, these companies have the tools and techniques to help. 


Founded in 2004 | 100+ employees

Amy Buckner Chowdhry, Founder and CEO

AnswerLab helps brands create experiences people love. The world’s most-recognized brands rely on our UX insights and advice. Through thousands of research engagements, we build strategic partnerships that help clients scale their UX impact year over year. Our team of 100+ researchers and strategists enables brands to bring a human-centered design process to every product they launch and we help UX teams scale their impact within their organizations. To answer your toughest research questions, we employ a mix of techniques, methodologies and best practices tailored to provide clear, actionable recommendations that generate strategic business results.

Phone 415-814-9910

ath Power Consulting

Founded 1997 | 60+ employees

Frank Aloi, CEO

ath Power Consulting provides a suite of custom CX solutions, including survey and mystery shop research, competitive intelligence, compliance testing, market analyses, social media monitoring, employee training, and strategic consulting. We own one of the largest panels of field representatives in North America and we’ve been named an “MSPA Elite Company” for five consecutive years – an honor recognizing the leading research firms shouldering the advancement of the CX industry. Organizations choose ath Power for our world-class customer service, expert team, proven research methodologies, robust analytical capabilities and innovative technology. For over two decades, we have helped our clients improve customer experience, boost operational performance, deepen employee engagement, build brand loyalty, measure compliance and increase profitability – distinguishing them from their competition and giving them a commanding edge in the marketplace.

Phone 978-474-6464

BARE International

Founded 1987 | 500,000+ field force,
350+ dedicated team members worldwide

Dale Bare, CEO

BARE International sets the industry standard as a leading provider of customer experience research, data and analytics for companies worldwide. We provide customized research solutions for your unique business needs. Founded in 1987, BARE International is a family-owned business with global capabilities. With headquarters in the Washington, D.C., area and 12 offices around the world, we are conducting more than 50,000 evaluations or audits across more than 150 countries for our clients in any given month. Our customer experience research solutions can help you see your business through your customers’ eyes, providing insights that can impact your bottom line.

Phone 800-296-6699

Bellomy Market Intelligence

Founded 1976 | 120+ employees

John Sessions, CEO

When customers use your product or service, have an interaction or see your branding, they’re experiencing your brand. That experience leaves an impression which affects the probability your brand will be chosen again. You win or lose at every touchpoint. What is the cost of losing? At Bellomy, we work with clients across industries to bring customer-centricity to the experience design process. We apply smart technology as well as social interactions and analyses to monitor and measure your brand’s success in delivering its promise. And we provide vital information rapidly so it can be understood, considered and acted upon.

Phone 800-443-7344


Founded 1986 | 200+ employees

Fred Ketcho, CEO

Meredith Harper, main client contact

For over 32 years BestMark has been an industry-leading CX aggregator, integrating qual/quant data sources in-store and online that illuminate the path to excellence as digital CX drives growth, innovation, profitability, ROI and employee engagement. The BestMark “Straight A” CX solutions (Assess, Analyze and Actualize) are architected with our customers, partners and our informed visionary leadership team. We aspire, inspire and deliver actionable CX road maps through our flexible, agile and customized solutions. With a strong and vast global panel of more than 1 million people, we can quickly implement a program anywhere. Since our inception, we’ve helped good companies become great companies with our comprehensive arsenal of proven surveying, auditing and CX management systems. Services include: mystery shopping, reputation management, competitive intelligence, auditing, customer satisfaction, customer intercept, panels/focus groups, employee satisfaction and more.

Phone 952-922-2205

Bold Insight

Founded 2018 | 30 employees

Robert Schumacher, Managing Director

Bold Insight is a user experience and human factors research agency. Our team has been UX consulting for almost 20 years and has the expertise and professionalism of a large agency with the imagination and agility of a start-up (because we’ve been both!). We span the product development life cycle; our research informs early product design to human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging and satisfying. Specializing in large-scale and global research, we work with digital, next-generation technology – medical devices to mobile apps, in-car systems to Web sites, back office systems to end-to-end customer journeys.

Phone 630-317-7671

Branded Research Inc.

Founded 2012 | 15 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Branded Research offers next-gen audience technology solutions to enterprises across the globe. Our on-demand data collection platform helps clients connect with their audiences in real time to gather unique consumer insights. How’s it done? Branded Research enables rich customer experience and user experience research by providing clients with deep access to Branded Surveys, our proprietary online community. Our panelists are members of vibrant communities whose collective opinions and insights are qualified through willing, natural interaction and powerful social engagement. Insights from our community give clients the power to make informed and definitive decisions about their products and services.

Phone 888-848-2525

Civicom Marketing Research Services

Founded 2000 | 500+ employees worldwide
Annie McDannald, Global Manager

Civicom Marketing Research Services is at the forefront of enabling companies to observe mobile usability by consumers in real-time through online tools. Using Civicom’s See Me Navigate™ mobile Web site/app usability tool, we use Web technology to enable you to observe a respondent live while they navigate mobile applications and Web sites live in real-time as we capture the user’s facial expressions and their mobile device screen simultaneously and provide you with a streaming media file of the CX/UX experience.

Phone 203-413-2423

Creative Consumer Research

Founded 1976 | 13 full-time; 70 part-time (83) employees

Patricia Pratt, CEO

Creative Consumer Research (CCR) combines decades of market research and consumer insights expertise and an unwavering commitment to clients’ success through our customer and user experience research services. We offer a wide array of research services for clients in many industries nationally and internationally, providing sound data collection, analysis and actionable insights that enable businesses to gain a competitive edge. If your business requires research in bilingual markets, we proudly staff a team of experienced market researchers fluent in spoken and written English and Spanish. CCR’s well-established network ensures that you can receive the highest-quality customer service whether you are located in the United States or abroad. No matter the size or scope of research, we can create a custom-tailored research solution for your business.

Phone 281-240-9646

CX analytics solutions

Frank Buckler, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of Success Drivers

Stop wasting your CX data. Our natural language processing engine automatically categorizes all of your customer feedback with human-like precision. Leveraging a sophisticated causal AI engine, we automatically reveal the key drivers of CX and visualize them in a causal impact network. With CX.AI we explain why you improved or declined and prioritize the actions you need to take. Our powerful Web-based dashboard provides all of the answers: key drivers, reasons for a change in CX and a powerful scenario planning tool to predict the impact of future actions. Simplify your CX measurement to quickly deliver results in an affordable, scalable, easy-to-use platform.


The Eidex Group LLC

Founded 1999 | 5 employees

Jeanne Eidex, President

From innovation to commercialization, Eidex Group works with you to develop and execute custom methodologies designed for efficiency and actionable feedback. We specialize in delivering studies that focus on customer experiences, satisfaction, competitive opportunities, attitude and usage and product usability. Our lean business model makes it easy for you to access us for early consultation, quick proposal turnarounds and quick answer projects. We do not have project minimums and you will receive direct access to your primary researcher. We use solid research techniques, platforms and analytics to complete your work and offer the flexibility to work with your existing in-house tools as needed. Please call 770-614-6334 at your convenience!

Phone 770-614-6334

Focus Pointe Global

Founded 1988 | 480 employees

Laura Livers, CEO

FPG provides high-quality marketing research data collection services by leveraging new techniques and technologies to make customer insights more accessible, accurate and affordable. Whether it is quick-turn insights or more in-depth research, FPG seamlessly incorporates accepted methodologies with digital solutions. FPG is dedicated to understanding the customer’s perspective on every level in any environment as they interact with brands, driving change by leveraging powerful CX measurement tools. Our proprietary panel provides deeply-profiled and engaged research participants that mirror customer audiences. FPG owns and operates 20 premier focus group facilities in major U.S. markets. Over a 30-year history, FPG has been committed to providing its clients unrivaled research solutions with professional integrity and the highest level of service quality.

Phone 888-873-6287


Founded 1994 | 400 employees

Zlatko Vucetic, CEO

At FocusVision we are in the business of customer truth, looking beyond the voice of the customer to understand their hearts and minds. Why they do what they do. How they think, feel, act. Our comprehensive survey software, online focus groups, live video and online community monitoring enables you to listen, view, connect and engage with your customers to gain an understanding and clear perspective of what drives their behavior and decisions so that you can design the right customer experience. Trusted by 18 of the Top 20 Fortune 100, all 10 of the top 10 health care and 10/10 of the top CPG companies.

Phone 844-712-6777

Forte Research Group

Founded 2010 | 35 employees
Elizabeth Plotkin, VP Insights

Forte Research Group is a global insights and strategy consultancy specializing in the understanding of consumers’ experience with brands. Using agile and precise technology, we capture the consumer experience in the moment. Mobile eye-tracking, engagement and emotion measures complement expertly crafted questioning to tell the complete story, uncovering visceral insights that consumers cannot verbalize. In-store, at-home or in a research lab, a range of solutions help identify consumer passion points as well as opportunities to improve the shopper experience: QSR menu testing, in-store signage, merchandising, displays, promotions, store design/layout, shelf planograms, packaging and more.

Phone 917-470-9703

Gold Research Inc.

Founded 2006 | 50 full-time employees, 5,500+ surveyors
Nitin Sharma, CEO

Gold Journey Mapping™: Your customers (consumers or businesses) live in an omnichannel world where they receive information from multiple sources and engage with you (and your competitors) in different ways. Therefore, a one-dimensional CX/UX approach can simply never give you the complete picture on your customers’ experiences! We blend qual, quant, in-the-moment and behavioral (eye-tracking, biometrics) to capture customer experiences in real-time as they are going through different phases in their buying journeys. Our approach elevates insights from being just “nice-to-know” to truly actionable. Our journey maps present your customers’ entire paths-to-purchase (by segments, personas and channels) so that you can make targeted improvements that result in tangible increases in loyalty, sales and market share. Current clients are Google, Panera, Michelin, Big Lots, Builders Digital Experience (BDX), Mutual of Omaha.

Phone 800-549-7170

Infosurv Inc.

Founded 1998 | 12 employees
Kyle Burnam, CEO

Are you tired of customer research that tells you the obvious (or not much at all!)? Whether you’re just getting started or evolving a mature program, Infosurv can help. For 20 years, we’ve been helping our clients to develop a complete understanding of their customers. From initial brand awareness and perception through the entire customer journey, our diverse and extensive experience in the field of CX research will help you to go beyond understanding mere transactional satisfaction and enable you to optimize all facets of your customers’ experience. For a no-fluff, no-obligation consultation, please reach out to us at sales@infosurv.com.

Phone 888-262-3186

Interactive Video Productions (IVP)

Founded 1996 | 5 full-time, many contract employees across the globe

Bob Granito, President

Interactive Video Productions (IVP) offers accessible, smartly-packaged labs for researchers wanting to adopt innovative solutions with ease and confidence. Our portable MobiLAB™ research labs include usability, eye-tracking, neuroscience and biometrics technologies, accompanied by a full-time, experienced and client-friendly system operator who works with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally for your client. In-facility, online or in the field, whether you wish to precisely measure Web or product usability or whether you wish to go beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures, our labs are designed to help you to meet the growing challenges of testing products and collecting actionable data in an ever more complex, consumer-driven world.

Phone 732-970-9446


Founded 1975 | 18,000 employees

Didier Truchot, CEO

Ipsos, through a recent acquisition, now boasts the world’s largest UX team with nearly 20 years of user research and design experience. Our team has completed over 5,000 user research projects globally with deep expertise in medical devices, technology, automotive, financial services and retail. We have global hubs and testing labs located throughout the U.S., Germany, U.K. and China and through our membership in the UxAlliance, you’ll have access to UX experts around the world with a single point of contact. Our work and our labs are ISO 9001-certified. Whether it’s an app, a Web site, a car feature, a medical device or an in-store digital experience, you can rely on Ipsos’ UX team to provide deep insight into what users need and clear direction on how to optimize experiences for them.

Phone 312-526-4423 | ux@ipsos.com

LiaCX™ by Intouch Insight

Founded 1992 | 80 employees

Cameron Watt, CEO

Intouch Insight’s customer experience management software LiaCX™ provides businesses with many ways to collect feedback and combine it with other data sources to provide more insights into customer experience and overall business performance. The platform includes unlimited and easily customizable role-based and customer journey map dashboards. The platform’s robust reporting engine is powered by artificial intelligence and also includes automated case management tools for responding to feedback and closing the loop with customers. Patent-pending Action Campaign™ technology allows businesses to drive action in the frontlines, make proactive improvements to CX and measure the impact actions have on business metrics.

Phone 800-263-2980

The Martec Group

Founded 1984 | 75 employees
Jim Durkin, President

The Martec Group specializes in solving difficult problems. Our tenacious approach ensures that clients receive a deeper understanding of their customers and their journey. Martec has developed a suite of emotion intelligence techniques, including the Net Emotion ScoreTM, that take CX/UX to a deeper level. These tools build upon the Peak-End Theory developed by Daniel Kahneman and identify where in the customer’s journey they’re having positive and negative emotional reactions and how to create experiences where positive emotions outweigh negative. We work with clients to customize each project to suit their needs, maintaining a consultative approach to each client relationship.

Phone 248-327-8000


Founded 2006 | 300+ employees
Fredrik Östgren, CEO

Nepa drives our clients’ growth by defining what matters most to their customers and shoppers and delivering profitable recommendations. Through our Consumer Science Platform® technology and expert consultants, Nepa helps some of the world’s most respected brands optimize their customer experience and marketing investments. Founded in in Sweden in 2006, we now work across 50 countries. We’ve been ranked among the fastest organically-growing companies in Sweden six of the past seven years.

Phone 720-219-4939

Opinions 4 Good (Op4G)

Founded 2010 | 25 employees

Frank Nappo, CEO

Online market research panel Op4G invites its panel members to participate in paid online research surveys and then requires they donate a portion of their incentives – at least 25 percent and up to 100 percent – back to one of its 300+ nonprofit organizations. Op4G’s unique approach to recruiting yields a highly engaged group of quality people who, as respondents, are dedicated to helping market research clients fulfill information needs. Clients’ incentive funds have allowed panel members to donate over $450,000 to Op4G’s growing number of nonprofit partners. Op4G is headquartered in Portsmouth, N.H., and operates globally.

Phone 603-766-5858

Perspective Research Services

Founded 1996 | 50 full-time, 1,200+ part-time employees
Ivor Stocker, Chairman

Perspective Research Services is here to help you at every stage of the data journey. You can use our full range of services as an end-to-end experience or simply dip into our services when you need us. Perspective specializes in data collection via telephone, face-to-face, qualitative and mystery shopping methodologies. Also housing two focus facility studios in the heart of London. Regardless of the methodology, Perspective can transform your data and bring it to life with sophisticated reporting tools including bespoke dashboards, data visualization reports, i.e., charts, graphs, infographic outputs and interactive online deliverables.

Phone +44 (0) 207 490 5944

Phase 5

Founded 1991 | 30 employees
Andreas Noe, Partner, CX Practice Lead and
Arnie Guha, Partner, UX Practice Lead

At Phase 5, we help clients on their journey to customer centricity by bringing together expertise in innovation, user and customer experience and design. Utilizing a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, advanced analytics and UX research and design expertise, we help clients: identify market opportunities; develop winning products and services; ensure an optimal user experience (digital/analog); and generate customer loyalty. Unlike large global research firms and single-specialty boutique firms, we maintain senior leadership engagement on projects from start to finish and offer a single point of contact while also offering global reach. Since 1991 we have been serving clients in financial services, professional services, technology/telecommunications, not-for-profit, media, energy, retail and many other sectors. Partnering closely with our colleagues and clients, we’re smarter together.

Phone 416-599-7555 x 232

Precision Research Inc.

Founded 1959 | 25 employees

Scott Adleman, CEO

Successful product development and marketing teams focus on both the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). This customer-focused approach applies to all aspects of the customer journey, from information gathering, acquisition, implementation and daily use.  Precision is here for all stages in your product development and refinement cycle. Our experience and user testing facilities are infinitely flexible to adapt to your needs. We help clients at all stages, usually starting with focus groups or In-depth interviews and ending with product/service experience by testing all aspects of the user interface. We also understand the importance of responsiveness. See for yourself when you ping us for a quote.

Phone 847-390-8666

Q One Tech

Founded 2015 | 7 employees

Dexter Chew, CEO

Q One Tech is a market research software development company with offices in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Europe. Q One is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform built by researchers for researchers and designed for research professionals to execute both simple and complex, single, multi-wave and quick turnaround studies. The wow factor for the Q One platform is its quote-to-cash design, giving users full control of every step for quotations, panel management, project management and survey scripting/programming whilst being able to track progress in real-time, making it one of the most comprehensive software-as-a-service MR platforms available. And best of all, the Q One platform really is new market research technology!

Phone 416-994-0388


Founded 1989 | 107 employees, 385 project professionals

Jean Mork Bredeson, CEO

For 30 years, SERVICE 800 has been designing customer feedback systems and delivering metrics and insights that drive impactful improvements. Our philosophy is that CX is not just about measurements, it’s about enabling customer-driven cultures, fed with fine data for statistical analysis and real-time practical data for that drives action and passion in the field.  SERVICE 800 leverages its ability to follow up with your customers within minutes or days of their experience, interviewing in 30 languages with customers around the world and pushing dashboards and alerts to the right manager. Talk to us about increasing NPS or CES and about solving client business problems. Low-cost provider. Results in days.

Phone 800-475-3747 or 952-475-3747

Target Research Group Inc.

Founded 1986 | 26 employees
Greg Spagna, CEO

Target Research Group is a global, employee-owned, full-service sensory and consumer insights research company. We are relied on by some of the largest brands in the world and have a proven track record of designing the most successful product launches in the last 30 years. Using a blend of data from different sources, we uncover hidden customer truths. Our modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions support innovation. Our Product Knowledge Graph (PKG) increases success rates while reducing developmental cycles. By using machine learning and database technology, our flagship software enables researchers, product developers and food scientists to effectively design products. Our Collaborative Insights Program (CIP) is a turnkey solution managed by Target on-site or off-site. We create or optimize sensory and consumer testing functions to provide business with innovation expertise.

Phone 845-426-1200

Touchstone Research Inc.

Founded 1991 | 34 employees

Aaron Burch, CEO

TSR has over 10 years of experience conducting digital usability studies on behalf of the world’s largest media and entertainment and technology companies. We conduct hundreds of UX studies annually across a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, AI assistant devices and online/mobile Web sites. We offer a wide range of UX research methodologies and tools to meet our clients’ research objectives. TSR has a heavy focus on innovation and is constantly incorporating new tech into our UX offerings to deliver the best possible insights at rapid speeds and competitive costs. TSR is COPPA-compliant and GDPR-ready.

Phone 860-335-6079


Founded 2007 | 180 employees

Alfonso de la Nuez and Dan Fishback, Co-CEOs

UserZoom is the world’s most complete user experience (UX) research solution, allowing businesses to automate UX research for scale and speed. Through our all-in-one UX research platform and professional services, we empower businesses to generate the UX insights needed to design and deliver great digital experiences that impact the bottom line. UX and CX professionals at Fortune 500 companies across the globe use UserZoom’s UX insights platform to quickly and easily test the usability of their digital assets, allowing them to understand the impact of UX on brand perception, benchmark brand experience against competitors and combine quantitative and qualitative UX insights with analytics data to get the complete picture on their audiences.

U.S. head office: 866-599-1550

xsperient | Segmedica

Founded 2004 | 24 employees

Peter Simpson, CEO

xsperient | Segmedica delivers full-service global health, wellness and lifestyle custom market research and consulting, using advanced techniques in qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic studies with HCPs, payers and patients/consumers. Serving pharma, devices, providers, payers, food and beverage, food service, hospitality and retail. A leader in psychology, anthropology, sociology, neuroscience and linguistics, working with us achieves the highest quality market research and market segmentation. Our CX approach pairs deep personality-based personas with insightful experience gathering to tell an impactful and actionable story. Contact us for an online or in-person demo of how we can assist with your research needs.

Phone 716-799-8223

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