Rudy Nadilo 

President, Dapresy North America Inc.



What can online dashboard reporting give me beyond great visualization? 

I recently visited one of our clients who is using our platform for many of their tracking programs. They shared a problem they were having and wanted to know if we could offer a solution. This client in particular was working with a large restaurant chain with thousands of locations. Ideally, they wanted their regional manager to be able to log in to one location to view data based on region, district and unit. However, without extensive hierarchical user management, that regional manager had to have three separate logins to view region, district and unit data. Obviously, this takes more time and is not acceptable in this fast-paced data-driven world!

Dashboard reporting software is perfect for delivering customer experience feedback. It is by far more efficient and effective than PowerPoint or custom portal alternatives. I’d also recommend looking at combining this with a comprehensive feedback and action management module which allows you the ability to quickly take action to resolve any customer problems that occur.   

Delivering the best customer experience requires understanding the customer journey and staying on top of their feedback. Reporting software delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Kristen Miles

Director of Insights, Branded Research Inc. 



Are survey panelists recruited from social media reliable and representative? 

Social media has broad appeal with near universal usage, making social networks the ultimate consumer and business market research database. Use of social media has grown by 1,280 percent since 2005, with roughly 178 million U.S. adults using social media today. About 7-in-10 U.S. adults have a Facebook profile, while LinkedIn usage is a must for the vast majority of professionals. Branded Research leverages Facebook and LinkedIn for a majority of our panel, providing us with high-quality, socially-validated sample and unique psychographic and demographic targeting abilities.