Editor's note: AYTM gave this webinar on improving insight quality with automated max-diff on November 7, 2019. Duration 52:16.

In the insights industry, max-diff is a well-known research approach used to compare many alternatives without overwhelming respondents by asking them to read and consider all items at once. This time-tested approach for prioritizing a list of items can traditionally be time intensive, costly and require a high level of research expertise. 

AYTM has reduced the burden on researchers by not only automating advanced max-diff, but also incorporating Hierarchical Bayesian (HB) modeling with the ability to add TURF analysis on top. 

So when is it important to consider adding advanced max-diff question types to your research and how can advanced max-diff HB and TURF analysis improve the quality of insights collected?

During this webinar, we’ll explore how automated advanced max-diff question types empower you with quick access to the best possible configuration of your research alternatives, so you can easily make data driven decisions on how to develop and market your product or service. 

Key takeaways: