Editor's Note: Curion and Kraft Heinz's webinar on February 23, 2022, discussed how Curion helped Kraft Heinz understand how their consumers might accept a product. Duration: 45:00.

Launching a product in-market can cost millions of dollars only to fail due to lack of consumer purchase or repurchase. While lack of consumers’ enthusiasm toward a product can be attributed to poor product design, many products just fail to meet consumers’ expectations.

To design a highly appealing product, it is helpful to understand key attributes that relate to consumer acceptance and those that will help you differentiate your product from competitors.  

 Curion PROP™ is an experimental approach that pairs consumer liking data and product attribute intensity ratings to determine the most important sensory attributes that predict product preference. In other words, PROP™ will identify your product’s key competitive strengths and vulnerabilities.

Using Curion PROP™, Kraft Heinz was able to understand where they stood amongst their current competitors and retain their category lead under the Oscar Mayer brand.  

Key Takeaways: