The 2022 Quirk’s Event New York is right around the corner. We are getting so excited for all the sessions that we decided to ask two of the speakers to share a little bit about their presentations. 

Brad Dancer, senior vice president of insights and analytics with WWE, and Lisa Herceg, director of business insights for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), answered some of our questions. 

Dancer commented on his session for the Quirk's Event New York titled, “Data and creatives: Immovable object vs. Unstoppable force?” He shared some tips on getting creative people to understand the importance of data. 

Herceg gave us a summary of the study NAR did which she will go more in depth on in her Quirk’s Event New York session titled, “Obstacles to home buying by race/ethnicity in a post-COVID-19 market.”

Dancer’s session is all about how he presents data to the creative people he works with. He acknowledges the challenge but will be giving tips on the best ways to do this in a way that makes it fun and interesting for the creative people we work with. 

Dancer’s favorite stories are the ones in which a creative becomes a data advocate. He likes to show that data does not ruin the art but makes it that much better. 

“I love showing any and all the power of understanding your consumer, but not letting the data dictate what you do, but help lead what you do,” said Dancer.

He says the best way to get across the power of the data is by being empathetic toward the creative people in your company. 

“In order to get creatives to want to understand your material, you need to be in their shoes,” said Dancer. 

To do this you should understand how they do their job and the stress that comes with it. That way you can present the information in their language and make it more relevant to them. 

Herceg’s session is about a study the NAR did to find out what was causing the...