Smartphone eye-tracking study 

Editor's note: Eye square’s webinar on July 15, 2022, discussed how to have successful ad campaigns on various social media platforms. Duration: 38:53.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or YouTube are the advertising environment of the present. While it feels like the success of ads on these platforms may be based on the roll of a dice, the reality is successful advertisements are the results of a good creation.

Based on the outcomes of eye square’s new, comprehensive smartphone eye-tracking study “Fast, bold, beautiful” you’ll learn in the webinar with Jeff Bander, CRO U.S.A. at eye square:

  • How long are video ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube viewed?  
  • What does a successful advertising creation on smartphones look like?
  • What are the winners of our study doing right?

We'll share with you an update from eye square's "perception benchmark" on how long ads are viewed across media and their impact. In addition to the data, we will provide you with the psychological background on how perceptual moments play out on social media and how human perception, System 0, is able to absorb stimuli and messages even in early stages and convert them into memory and action. Of course, let us not forget the most critical part – that the creation implicitly and ironically is absorbed by System 0 from digital sphere. An appearance that is fast, strong and beautiful pays off. Let us, scientifically, tell you why.


  • Jeff Bander, CRO U.S.A., eye square