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Way back in the 2000s Andrew Reid and the team at Vision Critical introduced the concept of the insight community to the world. And you know what happened after that? Not much. Frustrated with the lack of innovation and imagination, Andrew created Rival Technologies; a mobile-first market research platform that has revolutionized the insight community experience for researchers and respondents. 

Close up of a phone showing a chat conversation using Rival

Five reasons why Rival’s mobile-first insight community is better: 

  • It’s chat based. No app. Just the best of SMS and messenger
  • No code-authoring canvas with super-sophisticated tooling
  • Video available out-of-the-box for every activity at no extra cost
  • Next-gen recruitment, mobile-first sample and panel management
  • Media-rich mobile reporting 
  • Fully integrated into your CRM, CDP or marketing automation


  • Ongoing support from actual researchers and a seamless connection to Reach3 Insights – our sister, full-service market research consultancy

How it works: Researchers use Rival to engage consumers in real-time, on their mobile phones, in a way that feels organic, familiar and fun. By using chat, video and machine learning, researchers capture and share robust quantitative and rich qualitative feedback fast and effectively. Those insights can be fed directly to your CRM, CDP or marketing automation platform or shared with key stakeholders with real-time mobile reports. 

Close up on a phone screen showing a chat conversation.

While others collect data, you’re uncovering insights that can be used to:

  • Do your best work
  • Inform the next best experience
  • Streamline product innovation
  • Optimize marketing automation
  • Uncover white-space opportunities
  • Deliver just-in-time insights to key stakeholders

Working with leading-edge brands like Paramount, P&G, Facebook, REVOLT TV and Samsung, we make market research more inclusive, accessible and relevant to your customers, your market and your stakeholders.

We make it easy to get started with no strings attached. 

Connect with Jacquie and she’ll show you how: jacquie@rivaltech.com 


Rival and our sister company, Reach3 Insights are part of Rival Group Inc.