Innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed

Methodologies, techniques and technology are rapidly changing in the marketing research and insights industry. New products and services are being released at an ever-faster pace. How can you keep up on what is new? Quirk’s has you covered. 

In this section, you will find some of the newest and most innovative tools and services to keep your research up to speed. From the latest in software, technology, methodology and services, these are the products and services you will want to know about. 

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Future-proof your business with S+R PROsician

Despite the critical role innovation plays, the success record is dismal. A key reason is the average research respondent’s inability to envision and respond to future-oriented ideas and constructs. 

Introducing S+R PROsician Model. Inspired by the diffusion of innovation theory, developed by E.M. Rogers in 1962, our proprietary algorithm identifies four discrete segments of physicians based on their interest in innovation, openness to experimentation and commitment to staying on top of the latest developments in their field: Forward Thinker stay highly informed of medical research advances and use new therapies soon after they are convinced by the data; Go Forit are experimenters using new therapies upon learning about them and getting access to them; Wait N. See are aware of new research data but prefer to wait until the new therapies become prevalent before using them; and Nono No believe in the status quo and will not embrace something new until it is something old. 

HCP Cohort - The Insights They Can DeliverIn traditional research projects, when Dr. Forward Thinker and Dr. Go Forit, who are critical to help frame and activate the future, are treated and questioned in the same way as Dr. Wait N. See and Dr. Nono No, the odds for success are low.

To see how S+R PROsician can help change the odds and future-proof your business by future-proofing your insights contact us at communications@shapiroraj.com!

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Dare to deliver with Toluna Start

Full-service consumer research was once considered the Holy Grail. However, it would often require weeks to get answers to the questions at the heart of research studies – and those answers came at a significant financial cost. 

Thereafter came the rise of the self-serve consumer insights platform, a time- and cost-effective alternative that gave research teams their answers in days or hours and at a fraction of the cost. But here’s the catch: with a strictly DIY approach, researchers are alone in the wilderness with nowhere to turn when problems arise (and they always do). Think about it: you’re on your own from survey creation to analysis. Toluna Start

The best of both worlds: A hybrid solution

The best solution is a hybrid one which brings the best of full-service and DIY together into one package – creating a unique, new solution.

Enter Toluna Start, the industry’s first end-to-end, real-time consumer insights platform. Toluna’s methodological expertise is baked into the Toluna Start platform, enabling researchers to remain agile in a fast-moving marketplace. And the DIY aspect of our solution allows teams to stay deeply immersed in their research and constantly involved with colleagues across their business.

At the same time, Toluna Start users have real-time access to experts who can guide them through questions along the way. That expert support gives them the ultimate confidence in their survey results – a quality that can be lacking in strictly DIY platforms.

Toluna Start creates a seamless, collaborative environment that provides real-time, reliable results for your organization. That enables you to confidently move forward with product development and marketing campaigns, as well as stay ahead of the competition in the constantly shifting global marketplace. And now, you can gain limitless access to Toluna Start through the industry’s first enterprise insights subscription.


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Perksy: Better experience, better data

Lack of innovation, declining response rates and poor user experience have caused a critical engagement problem in market research. Perksy, a next-gen consumer insights platform, was designed to address this engagement decline. Perksy powers real-time research with everyday consumers through an immersive mobile app, redefining data capture by making it relevant for today’s mobile-first world. With response rates over 80%, our unique, gamified approach to survey design and delivery provides fun, intuitive experiences for our panelists and deep, actionable insights for our clients.Perksy on smartphone and desktop

Market research for a mobile generation

Perksy’s first-party panel is diverse, representative and entirely our own. Perksy connects brands to some of the hardest-to-reach consumers, like college students, diverse ethnic audiences and Millennial parents. Our panel is pre-identified with 35+ demographic criteria, allowing for highly targeted screening and segmentation.

One-stop shop

Perksy has an extensive suite of quantitative and qualitative research offerings. With Perksy you can:

  • Rapidly assess concepts, creative and copy.
  • Track and measure key brand metrics over time.
  • Dig deep with digital focus groups and IDIs.
  • Explore attitudes with video diaries and testimonials.
  • Journey out with in-store testing and task-based research.
  • Close the loop with consumers with our recontacting capabilities.

Trusted by customers like Airbnb, Target, L’Oréal and Mondelēz, Perksy is the best-in-class insights partner for the modern-day researcher.


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C+R Research’s Illuminator® Shopper Solutions

Illuminator Shopper Panel: A receipt-based panel that tells you precisely what shoppers do, with expertly applied custom research that tells you why they do it.

Illuminator Shopper PanelCPG marketers and retailers have regularly sought to understand shopper purchase behavior patterns that impact sales, as well as the underlying attitudes that ultimately drive shopper choice. And to make strategic decisions, many companies have had to choose or work with two different data sources, using behavioral panel data or custom attitudinal information. And those that chose to combine the two data sources often rely on assumptions or educated guesswork to build a shopper narrative…until now.

C+R’s Illuminator® Shopper Solutions leverages our many years of shopper insights expertise and our vast toolbox of qualitative and quantitative research knowledge, along with verified shopper behavior to illuminate the most actionable insights to address your category, brand, channel/retail and shopper business issues.

At the heart of C+R’s Illuminator® Shopper Solutions is the Illuminator® Shopper Panel powered by Prodege, a consumer engagement platform with millions of verified members with proven spending histories. The panel provides unique insight into the behaviors of their shoppers via receipt, location and digital data sample that fuels our custom shopper insights solutions.

With our Illuminator® Shopper Panel, we combine the what and the why to leverage our deep perspective to provide recommendations to move your business forward.


Votified – real-time online voter profiling!

Looking to enhance the data on your online voter project? Votified can help.

Votified is the first real-time online voter profiling tool. It allows you to combine the benefits of phone-based registered voter lists with the speed and convenience of online sample. Person with I voted sticker on blue sweater

How does it work? Votified works with any online sample source, appending verified registered voter details in real time to panelist records entering your survey. This allows you to set quotas and constraints based upon political affiliation as well as voting history.

Large voter database. Logit has partnered with several leading third-party providers of voter profiling data, allowing Votified to match to a combination of over 500+ profile points across multiple sample sources.

Online vs. phone. Votified allows you to run voter campaigns in a fraction of the time compared with traditional phone projects. Studies are also more economical and when political season comes along, finding available seats for dialing is no longer a problem.

Versatile profiling points. Even when it’s not election season, Votified can be a powerful tool. With access to more than 500 registered profile points, you can verify panelists using a wide range of data points tailored to your study’s specific needs. 

Real-time quota management. Votified compares panelist records to registered voter lists in real time. This allows you to set up quotas based on party affiliation and likelihood to vote.

Learn more about how you can increase the quality of your project’s data set.


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Extract more insight in less time with S+R AQuA

Awash with data, starved for time and prone to biases, we likely leave deeper insights on the table. S+R AQuA is our proprietary advanced qualitative analytics engine powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze natural language data via transcripts. Alone or with Luminoso, a technology licensed from MIT, we uncover hidden connections and fresh insights with more depth and in less time than humans could alone.

S+R Aqua

Whether it’s analyzing transcripts from new research or mining historical transcripts, S+R AQuA uniquely blends keyword search, supervised machine learning, artificial intelligence and human empathy. We can line up themes and concepts to see where patterns emerge, look at how common ideas are framed to determine their true meaning, conduct sentiment analysis, put video next to themes to account for non-verbal cues (e.g., body language, facial expression, etc.) and more.

S+R AQuA sits atop a series of web APIs that efficiently move transcript data and provide analytics. Plus, the S+R Conversation Conversion Engine (CCE) – a blend of AWS programs and our own scripts – enables faster raw data upload and translation, providing a complete solution that gives us more complete, nuanced and insightful answers to important business questions. 

To see how S+R AQuA can help you turbocharge insights with agility, leveraging the combination of artificial intelligence and human empathy contact us at communications@shapiroraj.com.

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PersonaSmart – an enterprise-wide segmentation tool

PersonaSmart, created by our Segmedica division, is an innovative way of linking personality to decision-making and behavior in any activity. This tool is based on a globally validated personality assessment.

A benefit to grouping audiences in this way is that personalities do not change in adulthood and are the most fundamental drivers of behavior. This approach gets at the root motivations of why consumers and professionals act, believe or buy the way they do – leading to more robust and predictive findings.

A variety of persona models are available which are applicable to different groups, general consumers, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists and patients.

We use PersonaSmart in various ways:

  • To enhance insights in any project.
  • Include in quantitative segmentation surveys to enhance insight.
  • Qualitative segmentation with small universes.
  • Use as a segmentation in its own right.

PersonaSmart offers several benefits, including:

  • The entire company shares a common and profound understanding of the human dynamics of their market.
  • Significant cost and time savings on segmentation projects.

When embedded in your research, these cost-effective, accurate tools provide essential and actionable insights for marketers in all industries. To optimize your market segmentation, positioning and messaging using PersonaSmart, visit ResearchAmericaInc.com or call 1-610-356-1800.

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Innovative restech solutions

Schlesinger Group is continually responding to changing landscapes and researcher needs. We have developed new research technology and adjusted approaches to meet qualitative research objectives – online, in-person or combining methods. 

Take a peek at our most recent innovations.

Schlesinger Group - Powering Your Insights With Innovative ResTech Solutions

QuantText – Integrated qual made easy

Add a qualitative phase to your quantitative research with speed and ease. QuantText’s individual, text-based chats seamlessly integrate with your surveys to provide the “why” behind the “what.”

Ideal when you need to quickly add dimension to your quantitative studies, QuantText is a straightforward, insights-driven approach that provides human depth and empathy alongside your existing quantitative precision. Without adding time or complexity, QuantText delivers deeper perspectives to drive smart, informed business decisions. 

No matter the topic or objective, the individual nature of the chats enables you to move beyond surface-level answers. Whether it’s diving deeper into sentiment with a brand tracker, exploring further on a concept test or anything in between, QuantText elevates survey research outcomes with added context. 

Moderate Anywhere – Conduct your in-facility research from anywhere

Moderate your in-facility research from the comfort of your home or office using our latest high-performing digital research technology. 

Schlesinger Group hosts your participants in our facilities across key U.S. markets and streams a live two-way video experience to the remote moderator.

Moderate Anywhere provides a new solution to researchers who cannot or prefer not to travel but still want to leverage the in-facility experience for IDIs, focus groups, product and device testing and central-location tests. The solution allows you to collect the valuable feedback that researchers count on from the in-person space, such as sensory and usability, with the benefit of retaining a secure environment for sensitive products and materials. 

Consolidate timelines and quickly access your target audiences across markets and time zones, visiting several Schlesinger markets on the same day to gather insights faster. Eliminate the cost of hotels and flights for your entire research team to make the most of your research budget.

Learn more at SchlesingerGroup.com.

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CCam Focus powered by CiviCom

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Brand tracking built for the pace of modern business

When it comes to adapting your brand strategy to industry trends with agility, timing is everything. Capturing data about your brand and your market over time and getting results in real time are the keys to successful brand evolution and business acceleration.

Brand Tracking by Momentive is a new approach to tracking that combines flexible services and AI-powered analysis to get you the brand insights you need, faster and more frequently.

Momentive graphic example

Now, companies can continuously measure brand health, behavior trends and consumer perception across multiple markets, assessing campaign effectiveness and conducting competitive analysis.

Brand Tracking by Momentive comes with:

  • Design consultation from our research experts.
  • Fully managed fielding to your target audience with consistent data sources you can trust.
  • Dynamic, always-on longitudinal analysis.
  • AI-powered insights to surface meaningful trends and the specific segments driving those shifts.
  • Custom dashboards to control the narrative you share with stakeholders.

Leading sustainable footwear and apparel brand Allbirds relies on the solution to run timely surveys on-demand at a fraction of the cost of their previous agency. Instead of receiving quarterly reports produced by a third party, Allbirds uses Brand Tracking by Momentive to continuously monitor its brand health in key markets, collecting more than 14,000 responses each year. Prior to entering a new market, Allbirds also runs studies to establish baseline brand awareness, understand how local consumer segments perceive the brand and identify what people expect to pay for their products in that area.

“Brand awareness is a key component of our growth and expansion strategy. It’s critical we have an up-to-date understanding of our public perception and marketing funnel metrics at all times to understand our existing customers and identify new opportunities,” says Jen Jammalamadaka, associate director, global brand marketing at Allbirds. “The Momentive technology empowers our teams to get the business-driving insights we need to make informed decisions quickly.”

Swap high-effort for high-tech with Brand Tracking by Momentive. Get in touch for an in-depth solution demo or to consult with our research experts.

Contact marketresearch@momen-tive.ai or visit www.momentive.ai/solutions/brand-tracking.

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Finding one idea that works across diverse audiences with S+R Guided Deliberations

Marketing’s job is to change behavior with ideas that break through and persuade. However, it’s a complex task with many influencers, each with their own biases. S+R Guided Deliberations is a unique methodology designed to reveal the biases shaping each individual’s viewpoint and how they eventually get behind one core insight that inspires a unanimous verdict. 

S+R Guided Deliberations

This unique and highly effective decision-making research methodology is grounded on the breakthrough work coming from our partnership with the University of Chicago Law School. The jury room is a microcosm of decision-making on steroids, in a very diverse group. By integrating social science principles, we deconstructed the jury deliberation process – how the human mind processes information in high-stakes situations, how each jury member collaborates with others and how they make decisions that are true to their sensibilities but in agreement with the rest of the group. We have also perfected the execution of this method in a virtual context, leveraging a powerful set of technology solutions.

S+R Guided Deliberations has been a powerful tool in helping clients identify compelling ways to frame messages, inject “nudges” into their creative and customer experience and effectively preempt objections, resulting in a positioning or messaging platform that works effectively across highly diverse constituents. 

To see how S+R Guided Deliberations can help you chart the best path forward contact us at communications@shapiroraj.com. 

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Traditional surveys are dead

For far too long, surveys have only provided heaps of quantitative data – leaving you with reliable findings but only half of the story. The qualitative insights that bring respondents’ feedback to life were missing. Researchers have often relied on focus groups or interviews to fill the gap but these methods require even more time and effort. It’s time to evolve.In what situations do you get fast food after 10pm?

At GroupSolver®, we provide the same features and benefits of traditional survey platforms but with a new open-ended experience. Our AI moderates an interactive process that cleans, codes and quantifies open-ended data in real time. From there, businesses can listen to those who matter most – the customers – and use their natural language to answer those burning “why,” “what” and “how” questions. Think of it as mini automated focus groups embedded within a traditional survey flow that are asynchronous and do not require a moderator. 

We’re reinventing what’s possible with online surveys – putting actionable insights and a holistic view of your audience at your fingertips. 

We work with a range of clients including small and large brands and agencies. Find out why companies like Amazon, adidas and IRI trust GroupSolver® to help make important decisions, ranging from branding, product testing and customer segmentation to pricing and much more. Whether it’s a small pulse check or a global study, we have it covered.


Foresight 50+ By AARP & NORC

A new generation of research

Foresight 50+ by AARP and NORC offers deep insight into the views and behaviors of Americans 50 and older. We work with researchers and decision makers to survey older Americans on everything from what they buy to what they think. We’re the largest high-quality survey panel on this demographic, combining the consumer expertise of AARP with the scientific rigor of NORC to amplify the voice of the fastest-growing age group in the country.A New Generation of Research - Forsight50

Why choose Foresight 50+?

Size: Foresight 50+ is the largest high-quality research panel of Americans aged 50 and over. Researchers know that insights are only as good as the quality of the data they are based on. The dramatic decrease in telephone landlines makes it harder to create truly representative, high-quality panels. But Foresight 50+ combines proven sampling methods, such as mailings and phone calls, with in-person recruitment of participants. This ensures we’re reaching all corners of the nation.

Accuracy: NORC’s scientific rigor delivers reliable, actionable insights to decision makers who can’t afford to be wrong. Much of the other research done on 50+ adults is based on skewed opt-in samples or very low response rates, which results in a distorted picture of this population.

Representation: We go the extra mile during recruiting to make sure every segment of the diverse 50-and-over population is represented on the panel. Foresight 50+ also engages its panelists online and on the phone, so that everyone has an opportunity to share their opinions regardless of whether, or how often, they go online. This intense focus on accurate representation means clients won’t miss out on the thoughts of harder-to-reach audience segments – and won’t make bad business decisions based on bad data.

Expertise: Foresight 50+ combines the consumer expertise of AARP with the trusted science of NORC to amplify the voice of this influential group of Americans. Americans 50 and older have demonstrated that they have significant buying power and political power. For instance, even though the 50-and-over population was less than 40% of the country in 2020, it was 52% of registered voters. Knowing what this group thinks is business-critical.

Foresight 50+ Omnibus

For clients who need rapid research results, Foresight 50+ Omnibus is a high-quality, cost-effective option. Omnibus clients receive survey results from 1,000 adults within two weeks of submitting questions. Omnibus is an affordable option for measuring brand awareness, tracking consumer sentiment or testing messaging or ad campaigns.

Interested in learning what makes this dynamic and influential group of older consumers tick? Reach out today at Foresight50-BD@norc.org


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Why settle for an X-ray when you can get an MRI with S+R Relationship Monitor?

Marketing science has clearly shown that strong relationships result in strong brand resonance that leads to customer loyalty and advocacy and delivers profitable growth. 

S+R Relationship Monitor is our proprietary quantitative study that in a matter of weeks can tell you where you stand and what you can do about it. A critical difference between the X-rays that are the research industry norm in brand studies versus S+R Relationship Monitor, the MRI, is that the latter digs deeper and addresses symptoms that others do not. 

Brand Relationships and Frequency & Loyalty

There are two key ingredients at the heart of our approach: (1) The actionable structure that classifies relationship grades across a transactional to bonded spectrum; (2) the critical drivers that underpin each relationship type. These robust and dynamic data serve as the staging ground for deeper analysis.

S+R Relationship Monitor is like the Swiss Army knife of brand studies. In one fell swoop, it gives you everything you need to understand the current status of your brand’s relationship health, pinpoint the direction to improve its standing, highlight the relationships you must defend, define a roadmap to expanding opportunities with less committed customers and reveal diagnostics that can clarify patterns in other data sets.

To see how S+R Relationship Monitor can turbo-charge your brand’s relationship and illuminate new paths for growth contact us at communications@shapiroraj.com.

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E-mail surveys are dead tech

Traditional market research feels more like a test than a meaningful brand engagement – which is what your customers crave.

At Rival Technologies, we’re reinventing the way market researchers engage with their participants on mobile. We blend best-in-class digital experiences with sophisticated market research to uncover deeper, richer insights – fast.

Four reasons to use Rival

Smartphone image Superb respondent experience: Increase your response rates and drive brand loyalty by engaging consumers in a way that feels organic, familiar and fun. 

Sophisticated tooling: Harness the power of quant and qual on one robust platform.

Make video the standard: Punctuate quant with video feedback in one friction-free learning stream. 

White-glove support: Succeed every step of the way with the help of our team of research experts.

Trusted by researchers who rival the status quo

Talking about the Rival platform, Dana Wade, vice president of creative strategy and cultural intelligence at ViacomCBS Velocity, says, “I can’t imagine life without this tool available to us because we’ve gotten such great traction in the use of our studies and with our team using it.”

Rival is sister company to Reach3 Insights – an award-winning full-service consulting company using innovative tools and approaches to reinvent and reinvigorate research for maximum business impact. 

For more information, check out www.rivaltech.com/quirks21.

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Fill your innovation pipeline with a Trends Prototyping Sprint 

Inputs - Process - Outcomes infographicWhen the pandemic hit, all in-person meetings ground to a halt – and that included innovation meetings. But innovation pipelines couldn’t stop just because in-person meetings did.

Our team at Ebco has designed a fast-paced, highly immersive virtual innovation process that brings the best of in-person meetings without getting everyone in one room. After months of video meetings, we know that many people have started to dread them. That’s why our Sprint is built to be highly engaging, with a well-choreographed and highly customized agenda, small-group engagement and real product materials for your team to build prototypes at home. Through three, three-hour workshop sessions, your team will come away with hundreds of new ideas for your innovation pipeline.

Before the Sprint, we conduct extensive research that uncovers trends in your industry to determine what consumers are interested in and where the industry is headed. That means that every idea generated during the Sprint has already been directly connected to the trends impacting the category, putting you one step closer to bringing new products to life. Your team then comes together virtually, where we share our research and guide your team through a series of brainstorming exercises both as a large group and in smaller breakout groups focused on prototyping and ideating together. On the final day of the Sprint, you get to experience your new ideas hands-on as each member of your team builds a prototype using the materials we send them. By the end, you have hundreds of ideas, prototypes and concepts for strategic planning, concept testing and development – and ultimately your pipeline.

During a recent Sprint, we brought together our Fortune 1000 client’s 60-person innovation team in what the client described as “the best workshop” he had ever attended. He said his team had never been so invigorated, with high retention from session to session as they eagerly developed and shared new ideas. After only three sessions, the client walked away with more than 550 ideas, 125 written concepts and 40 prototypes built by their team during the sessions. Because these ideas have already been validated by trends research, the client is quickly moving into concept development to bring these ideas to life.

Whether you’re at home due to the pandemic or your team is spread all across the globe, you don’t need to be in one room to develop the next big idea. Reach out to start your own Trends Prototyping Sprint.


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SyncSupport: Bridging the gap between transcript and final report

Rooted in service, with an unquenchable thirst for excellence, SyncScript was founded with a singular goal: help our clients work more efficiently. SyncScript is the go-to transcription and translation firm for market research. When the pandemic hit, we looked internally and realized the strength of our company lies in our people. Research professionals, helping other research professionals.

Four people at table with computers and smartphones

We’re offering an innovative approach that gets you to insights faster. Our research colleagues are being tasked to do more, faster – stretching resources, adopting new methodologies and delivering immediate insights.

Introducing SyncSupport, curated back-office administration, project management and analysis when it’s needed most – customized for you. We’re nimble, knowledgeable and friendly! SyncSupport is an on-demand team of analysis and administrative support curated to fit your needs. 

Excel analysis grids: Is there an accelerated way to review your transcripts? There really is! Audio files are transcribed into Excel offering an easy way to view data in one spreadsheet. Matrix grids created from discussion guides foster quicker analysis, offering sleek, catalogued insights. This is graduate-level transcription.

Topline updates: Need insights in real time? We’ve created a summary report, customized and curated to your research. Toplines include identification and highlight of specific themes, verbatim quote complements, number of keyword mentions, and high-level points. 

Pulling quotes: Already begun your detail-laden report? We can help by isolating verbatim quotes organized by theme, objective or goal. Unpretentiously presented in a simple guide – simplicity at its finest. 

Proofreading: Not sure if a semicolon or comma is required? Our quality assurance team is. From delivering top-notch transcription and translation, our team would love to review your deliverable to ensure an error-free product.

Link testing: Love spending time testing quantitative links? We do! Our team of link-lovers takes the pain out of this administrative task.

Virtual concierge services: Utilizing a DIY platform? Video platforms have challenges. Let our team provide a knowledgeable, friendly, virtual hostess to help with link distribution, tech issues, show rates and pay-and-sends. We’d prefer not to boast, but we’re pretty cute too.

Curated support – research is never one-size-fits-all.


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Six ways to use implicit testing

Using implicit testing in market research projects creates deeper insights, uncovering the true “whys” behind consumer behavior and preferences. But there are probably more ways than you realize to get better answers using implicit testing. In our recent e-book, “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing,” we explore unique applications using The Implicit/Explicit Test – a patent-pending market research methodology from InsightsNow.

How Does the Implicit/Explicit Test Work? Graphic

Why use The Implicit/Explicit Test?

By studying implicit and explicit reactions, researchers are able to gather the insights needed to impact future consumer behavior – either by nudging current behaviors along or disrupting behavior to drive new choices. The test assesses reactions and provides calibrated classifications for each person. This shows the exact percentage of people who are reacting a certain way, allowing a quantifiable forward path for products, projects and plans and creating realistically achievable metrics for all key stakeholders and for the supply chain.

How The Implicit/Explicit Test works

Study participants begin with a calibration exercise that both familiarizes them with how the questions work and identifies where to set a cutoff time to identify an implicit response from an explicit response. Then, priming prepares the brain to have context at the ready to allow measurement of whether the association or memory is implicit or if the brain is working to solve an incongruency. Typical priming examples include storytelling, presentation of concepts and videos.

After priming, researchers can use projection. This is typically used when the associations or reactions you want to measure occur quickly or in a context where it is not possible for the person to complete the usual reaction test. In the assessment stage, the primed question is shown and a series of words, phrases or pictures are flashed quickly. The participant simply selects the positive or negative response. The moment they make a selection, the next word appears. The implicit score is a calculated score based on the speed (fast or slow response) and the positive or negative reaction from a study participant.

Ways to apply implicit testing

So what are the ways The Implicit/Explicit Test helps researchers go deeper? We talk about six in our e-book:

  • Claims testing to achieve behavioral impact.
  • Ingredient scoring to build clean-label products.
  • Ingredient benefit associations for functional product design.
  • Message testing for media targets.
  • Emotions testing to understand product experience.
  • Concept scoring to uncover category lift

So when you need to truly understand human behavior, it is essential to build implicit testing into your next project. Find out how by getting our new e-book, “Six Ways to Use Implicit Testing.”


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SightX: Automating curiosity

It’s no secret. There are a lot of ways to conduct market research.

There are tools that can help you create surveys, others to analyze the results and even more that improve data visualization. There are tools to help you test your ads, some for advanced experiments and others still for collecting basic feedback.

While many of these tools serve specific niches within the consumer insights space, they have only further siloed data and fragmented knowledge within companies. But that doesn’t have to be the case, thanks to SightX, the only insights platform you’ll ever need. Build projects, distribute surveys, conduct experiments, collaborate with your team and analyze the results all in a single, unified hub.

Save time and add efficiencies 

For those in the insights space, it should come as no surprise that the average research analyst wastes 45-70% of their time on repetitive manual tasks. SightX was built for those who’d rather use that time diving into the meaning of their results instead of cleaning, formatting or restructuring data.

With SightX you can own the entire research process from start to finish; we call it end-to-end for a reason. Design studies as simple or advanced as your use-case requires, with the ease provided by a user-friendly interface. And automate your most time-consuming projects like concept testing, conjoint analysis and max-diff to accelerate your studies.

The SightX platform puts a wide range of advanced analysis capabilities right at the users’ fingertips – allowing them to gather actionable insights in real time, with just the click of a button.

Need access to consumer panels? SightX has you covered, with direct access to over 70 million people worldwide. Each respondent profile is equipped with over 200 unique attributes for pre-screen criteria, allowing for more precise audience targeting. And through multiple layers of rigorous cleaning, tracking and vetting measures, we work to ensure our users only receive the highest-quality data. 

But SightX isn’t just for market research and insights pros. The user-friendly UI makes it easy for anyone – no matter their level of expertise – to field surveys, concept tests, market segmentation experiments, brand trackers, conjoint studies and more. 

Taking the burden off of the ‘Y’ in DIY

Despite the self-service label, SightX users have access to the best thinking in the insights field through supported research services. The in-house team of consumer research experts can guide users through every step in the research process, from scripting to full-service development and everything in between. 

The SightX platform is the next generation of insights tools, aiming to make research accessible and, dare we say, fun for everyone. By providing customers with the most robust yet flexible research platform in the world, SightX enables anyone to impact their organization with just the click of a button.



PureSpectrum: The future of quality insights

PureSpectrum combines proprietary measurement tools and third-party data validation to quickly collect high-quality insights. With PureScore, the industry’s first and only respondent-level scoring system, researchers receive unparalleled quality data. The multisource supply offered in the PureSpectrum Marketplace platform means researchers can instantly connect with respondents from 50+ countries and target niche B2B and consumer audiences.

Introducing PureSpectrum Insights Platform

Using the [PureSpectrum] dashboard was easy and intuitive: I could check in during my surveys, view the data as charts and graphs, and help visualize the numbers. The platform is reliable, nimble, and efficient.Built to make researchers’ jobs easier, PureSpectrum recently introduced the PureSpectrum Insights Platform to work in tandem with the quality-first PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform. This innovative synergy provides researchers the ability to program studies, quickly source respondents within a global marketplace and analyze data all on a single dashboard.

The industry’s most user-friendly survey creation

Developed for cutting-edge research, the PureSpectrum Insights Platform offers simplified survey configuration, real-time results and an easy-to-use analytics suite. Skip logic and advanced piping capabilities are included in the questionnaire design as well as a multitude of different question types for both screening and primary survey questions. Age, gender and location data are also automatically collected.

The state-of-the-art insights platform provides a comprehensive experience for users to analyze data, including the ability to create crosstabs and data cuts and run significance tests. Data is easily visualized with the ability to create different variables that are exportable for inclusion in presentations and reports. In one dashboard, trackers and projects with multiple collection periods are effortlessly viewed.

Today’s research shouldn’t require subscriptions

Unlike its predecessors, the PureSpectrum Insights Platform is available without licensing fees or commitment to a fixed subscription. Researchers now have the power to access the largest consumer dataset available and only pay for the research they need. The PureSpectrum account and service teams provide world-class customer support for every project, ensuring guidance at any level.

PureSpectrum, offering an innovative and seamless research experience from project inception to final reporting. Make decisions more efficiently and faster than ever before with the Insights Platform.

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