Editor’s note: Dave Carruthers is co-founder and CEO of Voxpopme, a video survey software company. 

How to understand our customers is certainly always on the minds of insights professionals, but what else are the experts, thoughts leaders and practitioners talking about? What key topics are bubbling up?

I wanted to find out so our team analyzed around 50 episodes of Voxpopme’s podcast, “Reel Talk: The Customer Insights Show.”

The team analyzed the themes and topics that mentioned by guests. 

Let’s see what the experts had to say about each topic. 

There are so many moving pieces, trends and changes today that collaboration is essential in organizations.

“Let’s stop pointing fingers and start collaborating,” said Scott Brinker, vice president, HubSpot.

Joanna Lepore, now global foresight lead at Mars Wrigley, said that lack of collaboration at some companies may have been one of the surprises that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams had to do a better job at collaborating. Things were changing so fast, but some teams weren’t necessarily used to the level of partnership needed.

Collaboration also means we include the right people – key stakeholders, of course, but also experts inside the business. And it should be a representation of the audience we are trying to reach, said Kalil Vicioso, board member, Insights in Color. 

“You have to make it intuitive and the only way to do that is you have to have people who have that life experience,” said Vicioso.

Process – especially agile – was a theme that came up a lot in our analysis. How do we make sure internal processes work to help us get the information we need from external audiences?

“That push and pull between the business side and the outside, the consumer, is natural,” said Nick Graham, global head of insights and analytics, Mondelez.

And customer insights need to be involved in that proce...