Total Advertising Performance: Mastering Digital Advertising with Extreme Agility

Editor's note: Fuel Cycle's webinar on July 9, 2020, focused on digital marketing campaigns and offered optimization tips. Duration: 33:15.

Measuring ad effectiveness is imperative for organizations that are serious about growing profitably. More importantly, with current political, social and economic changes we must understand how messages resonate with consumers. Traditional ad effectiveness measurement determines the overall performance of digital marketing campaigns, but simply measuring the impact after deployment can only benefit the business so much. Join Rick Kelly, chief product officer, and Calista Corley, chief revenue officer, to learn tips and strategies on how you can optimize campaigns in the design phase, assess campaigns in-flight and track every point along your brand journey to ensure ultimate ROI on marketing investment. Attendees will learn: 

  • How to adapt to new demands for ROI in digital brand marketing.
  • The correlation between advertising effectiveness, brand experience and brand financial success.
  • How to measure true marketing impact and optimize your campaign efforts in real time.
  • How some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies are implementing these strategies.

Rick Kelly, Chief Product Officer, Fuel Cycle

Calista Corley, Chief Revenue Officer, Fuel Cycle