Bumble Bee Foods Case Study: 3 Effective Ways Agile Research Helps Identify Winning Ideas Early

Editor's Note: GutCheck held a webinar on June 24, 2015 on a case study with Bumble Bee Foods on using agile research to identify winning ideas. Duration 56:48.

Learn how Bumble Bee Foods leveraged agile research to save the company money by making hard business decisions–backed by consumer insights. 

When executives come up with new concept ideas they strongly stand behind, it’s our job as researchers to gain consumer understanding to vet if it’s a quality idea worth moving forward with. This can be difficult, especially when research results and executive management’s opinions clash. 

Bumble Bee Foods’ innovation team was tasked by upper management to dive into a new brand category. Because this was so out of the box for them, they leveraged GutCheck’s qualitative offering – and their experienced, full-service research team – to quickly gain deep insights from multiple groups of targeted consumers, including the coveted Millennial generation. 

Key takeaways:

  • How they launched both qualitative Instant Research Groups and quantitative screening and refinement methods to ensure Bumble Bee Foods received quality results – quick.
  • How partnering with the right vendor allowed Bumble Bee Foods team to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • How the innovation team confidently reengaged their executive management team and provided data-backed insights to prove whether or not it would be worth venturing into this new category.


  • Kara Sterner, director of innovation, Bumble Bee Foods.
  • Matt Warta, CEO and co-founder, GutCheck.