By John Goodman, Vice Chair, CCMC and Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO, CCMC

Adam Alter, Assistant Professor of Marketing & Psychology at NYU’s Stern School of Business, recently opined that global warming is a perfect storm of “threat-by-stealth.”1

He notes that, despite the overwhelming agreement among experts that humans contribute to global warming and its apocalyptic impact, it very often remains a “political afterthought.” Summarizing his theory about the psychology of ignoring such a super-threat, Alter suggests that global warming’s “murky consequences aren’t vivid enough to impress our distracted brains.” 

And so it is with many omnibus corporate customer experience metrics like the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Simple Is Usually Not Actionable

These oversimplified measures are all too often failing to embolden leadership to act on the impending doom and disaster that accompanies a mediocre customer experience. 

Many companies have been quick to adopt NPS and similar global indices describing the customer experience. Such “overall” measures are alluring in the C-suite. A single number or index is uncomplicated to calculate, easy to understand and simple to promote in and outside of the organization. They nicely fit into the strategic dashboards that are now popular. It is no wonder that leadership has been quick to pull the trigger on embracing a single score-mentality. However, in many of these same companies, the executive group has been less likely to rally around NPS and aggressively support serious investment in an enhanced customer experience.   

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1 http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-alter/global-warming-denial-psychology_b_2170419.html.