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Being a world-class market researcher is no easy feat. Determination and curiosity help us truly understand how people think and behave, while courage enables us to adopt newer ways of working and keep up in an ever-changing world. If we stay with the status quo, we shouldn’t expect anything but diminishing returns. But shouldn’t we want more?

The status quo in market research is doing things the way they’ve always been done or making nothing more than an incremental change. Crosstabs or charts pasted into PowerPoint is often the default but that doesn’t even reach the status of incremental change. If you’re intent on remaining just a competent market researcher, stay on the PowerPoint path. But, if status and reaching the top is the goal, then please read on.
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Be famous not forgotten

One way market researchers can reach the pinnacle of the industry is to work for or replicate the processes of an organization that embraces modern practices in market research.

Some of the world’s largest brands maintain their excellence, in part, by using our fit-for-purpose market research investigation platform called Harmoni. Harmoni helps these organizations maximize their productivity in generating insights from multimarket, respondent-level data. They were brave enough to move away from the status quo. Are you?

Chart showing insights teams have seen.Harmoni helps give you a competitive edge

If you have fears of technology taking your job, embedding it into your daily work life is the best way to mitigate that risk. On top of 30% to 50% efficiency gains, here’s how our customers say Harmoni helps them in their roles as market researchers:

  • Do in minutes what took days. Rather than manually combing through crosstabs for statistical differences, Harmoni’s Discover function does it at the press of a button.  
  • Minimize the impact of your biases. Let Harmoni’s pattern-finding algorithms first discover what the data represents and then use your experience and curiosity to dig deeper.
  • Spot changing consumer behavior. Harmoni is a repository for helping brands track what consumers are thinking and how they’re acting. 
  • Maximize your market research investment. Once data is loaded into Harmoni, you can keep throwing new questions at it as your understanding grows.
  • Increase the role of insights in your organization. Harmoni’s interactive dashboards and alerts enable you to be more responsive (and proactive) with stakeholders.

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