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Reporting platform

In a world that moves fast, you’ve got to run with it.

Gone are the days of relying on Google alerts and search engines to find the insights needed to make crucial business decisions. Information travels much faster and in different ways. To stay ahead, data is needed in real time.

The award-winning market and competitive intelligence software, Intelligence2day®, can transform unstructured big data into organized, digestible information for better decision-making. 

With Intelligence2day®, businesses can automatically collect, discover, organize, analyze and share information and knowledge, focusing on any aspect of the competitive landscape whether it be customers, competitors, products, markets, technologies or trends.

Line of Sight's Intelligence2day platform showing different graphs of information.

Intelligence2day® has a wide range of solutions for market and competitive intelligence. 

  • Intelligence management can help you find relevant information fast – leaving more time for analyzing.
  • Media monitoring can help you track and monitor news with efficiency, speed and scale that humans can’t match.
  • Early-warning radar can help you discover new opportunities and threats you’re not already aware of.
  • Insight generation will help you easily filter out golden-nugget insights by finding relevant and quality-controlled content.

Join the tens of thousands of users in more than 15 countries that rely on Intelligence2day® to transform their business with timely and insightful data.

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