As members of a fast-paced industry, marketing research and insights professionals across the globe recognize the importance of tracking trends and keeping up with the latest techniques, but the way they go about it changes with time.  

In our continued quest to better understand where researchers are turning for information, Quirk’s again asked end-client researchers, “Which of the following do you utilize to stay up to date on research methodologies and techniques? (Select all that apply).” 

According to Statista, 16.2% of LinkedIn’s 185+ million U.S. users log on to LinkedIn daily (2021). LinkedIn itself has published that “46% of social traffic to your company site comes from LinkedIn.” 

So, in addition to our usual lineup of options for staying up to date, we decided to add “read and participate in LinkedIn posts” to our survey.

Are end-client researchers using LinkedIn? 

It turns out that the majority of Quirk’s respondents do not turn to it as a resource for staying up to date on methods and techniques. Forty-one percent of respondents selected “read and participate in LinkedIn posts,” and of those, 44% say they visit the site at least once per day – meaning 18% of end-client respondents turn to LinkedIn daily. 

In the comments section, one respondent shared their personal frustration with the platform:  

Can’t use LinkedIn anymore because it’s nothing but salespeople pitching me.

While we weren’t necessarily surprised by the data – personal experience already led us to believe the platform was not heavily frequented by client siders – we thought it might be useful to pause and take a peek at LinkedIn’s general user demographics and compare them to our own to better understand our findings.  

LinkedIn boasts a well-educated user base, with roughly half of all adults who have a bachelor’s or advanced degree reporting they use LinkedIn (Pew Rese...