Using Touchpoint mapping to Connect with Consumers

Editor's note: MarketTools and MetrixLab teamed up for a webinar discussing touchpoint mapping's use on connecting with consumers on May 13, 2017. Duration 52:49. 

The consumer decision journey is no longer considered linear. It more resembles a pretzel or a ball of string. Every time a consumer connects with your brand, that connection informs the consumer’s predisposition towards considering, (re-)purchasing or advocating you. As these brand connections and touchpoints are no longer resulting in an orderly, standard progression from awareness to consideration to purchase it is time for understanding the new consumer journey, ensuring you are still allocating resources and budget where you should be and inspiring a connection strategy that is future proof.

Touchpoint mapping, once the exclusive purview of in-person qualitative research is now available to all products and brands through online, hybrid research. The innovative blending of quantitative and qualitative research by MarketTools provides actionable insights for optimizing your marketing and connection strategy.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to develop a holistic understanding of the consumer journey from start to finish.
  2. Which touchpoints reach and influence the journey at every stage.
  3. What sort of messages in terms of content and tone of voice are most effective.


  • Jay Pluhar, North America unit manager, innovation and shopper, MarketTools.
  • Alexander Kleijngeld, global unit manager, innovation and shopper, MetrixLab.