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That is exactly how an insurance industry end-client reacted to the #CX platform prepared for them by Mindfield. “It was completely turnkey. I had the ability to securely load our customer sample via API into the platform and blinked and I was seeing survey results and open-end responses. This data allowed our sales force to make actionable insight decisions and close opportunities we may have missed out on. Our business has not been the same since engaging the insights and data integration experts at Mindfield.”

A pink shopping cart with shopping bags and gifts.Mindfield has been creating completely customized platforms for end-user and supplier-side clients for more than 15 years. Mindfield SVP Jay Mace says, “It began in a meeting when the client said they could not wait for the day when they could survey their customers as they shopped, or at least as soon as they left the store. My response was, we can do that now.” The collaboration led to a major shift. The client, a large retailer, began sending Mindfield app and other data in real-time as customers shopped. Today, Mindfield uses these metrics to field a library of real-time surveys based on the actual customer experience. “One survey might ask about new branding in the meat department while another might ask about a specific product decision based on receipt data. We then use an integrated priority structure to determine who gets which survey,” says Mace.  

Jay Mace, SVP, Mindfield.Recently, global expansion has allowed Mindfield to start work for large streaming services, network TV, sports venues, restaurants and more. “Essentially, we can intake whatever data a client wants to send us and turn that around into actionable insights.” Imagine asking your streaming customers their thoughts about episode four of their favorite series within minutes of finishing the episode. It is the new way to capture insights and just one way Mindfield is changing the face of the insights industry.

“As a consumer, it is important to me to know that companies care about what happened while I’m actually shopping. Not weeks later,” said a survey taker. Another said, “It’s cool to know my opinion about what I watch is being used to make my experience better each and every time.”  

Yes, “holy real-time analytics” is exactly how what Mindfield is doing can be described. They are ready to bring solutions to your needs as well.  


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