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Product testing platform

Minefield's seamless IHUT platform image with a computer screen and two cartoon people surrounded by its capabilities.

“It’s a game-changer,” says a client in Cincinnati. Another longtime client in New York City says, “I have never yielded such high returns and quality data doing in-home research as I have since bringing Mindfield’s tech options into our standard client offerings. Our business has dramatically grown as a result.” Such high praise for a research methodology that has been around for years. Is there anything that revolutionary about in-home product testing? There is now . . . thanks to the experience-driven automation of Mindfield, manufacturers and industry elites consider the bar raised.

Gary McMillion, CEO of Mindfield, recalls doing the first IHUT research for trash bags, going door to door, taking hours for a single respondent. Today, Mindfield can recruit most studies in a matter of a few days across thousands of participants. The electronic process incorporates Mindfield’s internet panel, Mindfield Online, along with the capacity to include a host of client- and industry-driven resources. All resources must pass a rigorous validation process that uses tech-like Experian Data Quality, Research Defender and Mindfield’s own IQD real-time countermeasures. These collective resources mine the data and information provided behind the scenes to ensure real people are providing real, quality data. “Quality data is mission critical for us. Nothing else matters if the final product is not pristine,” says McMillion.

Mindfield set its sights on locking down the full process for product testing. Manufacturers like to maintain anonymity of the products they are testing, so leveraging an electronic means to provide shipping capabilities to clients via the major carriers is vital. The electronic handling of shipping data also eliminates privacy and other industry security concerns. Mindfield’s clients achieve the optimal process for their shipping requirements. Real-time delivery confirmation really matters to the success since usage periods and other research needs like first usage experiences, and more, are often captured. “Our clients need certain data and it’s our job to ensure system-wide that we are making it happen,” says Jay Mace, SVP of Mindfield.

Diaries and follow-up surveys are all delivered according to the client’s needs and the best avenue for each respondent. Mindfield schedules surveys to be delivered at the proven, optimal time for each respondent or at times designated by clients and using the respondent-chosen method; SMS or text, app push, e-mail and more. Clients can even set a reminder protocol to the use the product according to the timing and other specifications required.

Much of Mindfield’s electronic automation has been honed from client collaboration culled from 50 years of experience. “This has allowed Mindfield to create an IHUT platform that leaves no stone unturned,” emphasizes Mace. “Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us on the leading edge of technology. We understand that clients experience mediocre all too frequently, which is why we put so much flexibility and value into the Mindfield IHUT platform.”