The Insights Association (IA) focuses on creating demand for the analytics and insights industry and serves to protect it from legislative, judicial and regulatory bodies. It advocates for the industry's ability to collect, analyze and share data for the purposes of market research and data analysis. In its monthly Fighting for You column, IA offers marketing research and insights professionals legislative and regulatory updates. 

As we prepare to step into 2023, we encourage you to review the various laws and proposals affecting the marketing research and insights industry. 

A pressing issue revolving around the consumer privacy and data security sector is the Federal Trade Commission’s proposal of broader rules on privacy and data collection, which would affect many companies that work with data and insights. Many groups, including the Insights Association, Privacy for America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, requested and were approved for a time extension to respond to the proposal. According to the article “Congress should drive federal privacy regulation, not FTC, urge data-driven industry groups,” some comments on the proposition argued that “every company in America, small and large, is using data to help them solve everyday business decisions and more efficiently deal with economic challenges like inflation and supply chain shortages.” Howard Fienberg, IA lobbyist for the marketing research and data analytics industry, says IA will advocate for “a comprehensive consumer data privacy bill setting a strong national baseline privacy protection for consumers that would still allow for the vigorous delivery of insights.”

The October Fighting for You column explains proposals that could impact the marketing research industry including Elizabeth Warren’s Health and Location Data Protection Act, which would limit companies from sharing, transferring or selling health or location data, and Kristen ...