Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a U.S. News and World Report Top Hospital, was looking for a way to more quickly receive feedback from a large number of patient families. The goal was to create a more comprehensive understanding of the patient experience and explore ways to enhance it. After working through team questions and concerns, Cincinnati Children’s partnered with a research partner, MarketVision Research, to create a marketing research online community (MROC) comprised of patient families. 

Dave Krier, VP of access services and family relations at Cincinnati Children’s, will present a session at The Quirk’s Event in Chicago with Colleen Hennegan, vice president, MarketVision Research, which will look at how an MROC is being used to learn from patients and families. The following is an interview Hennegan conducted with Krier to look at some of the ways his team has found success and insights through their MROC. 

Colleen Hennegan: Dave, what drove the team at Cincinnati Children’s to think about an online community? 

Dave Krier: We strive to continually understand how we can make patient and family lives better. While we have several ways to reach our families, the methods don’t represent all our families. We have a great Family Advisory Council and Patient Advisory Council but participation is limited to those who are close (geographically) and those that can leave their child or children for a short time. We also have a comprehensive experience survey but feedback is provided without the ability to ask follow-up questions or to create dialogue between respondents. We needed a way to connect with our families in real time. The online platform is ideal because obviously our families are busy and often their schedules are not their own. Participants can hop on the community when it’s convenient for them. 

I remember at the beginning we had to do a little internal PR...