How Different Are They? Boomer vs. Millennial Spending Behaviors

Editor's note: Radius Global Market Research gave a webinar on the difference between baby boomers and millennials on October 10, 2013. Duration 51:28. 

Much has been made of the nuances between Millennials and Boomers and marketers everywhere are looking closely at how to appropriately attract each target. For the most part, any comparisons of these groups have focused on attitudes and views on life. What seems to be lacking is a deeper assessment of how these groups compare in their buying behaviors, requirements and priorities.

In this Webinar, Lesley Brooks and Jamie Myers from Radius GMR will explore how Millennials and Boomers compare when it comes to spending on goods and services. In the course of this presentation you’ll learn about:

  • Where these groups are allocating their dollars when it comes to engaging with various products and services. 
  • What their outlook is for the future and what this means to their spending behaviors.
  • How they prioritize purchase requirements across product categories;
  • What influences their purchase decisions. 
  • Where they obtain information to inform their purchases.
  • How their involvement with new media and technology may impact your strategy.


  • Jamie Myers, director, client services, Radius Global Marketing Research.
  • Lesley Brooks, senior vice president, Radius Global Marketing Research.