Editor’s note: To purchase or learn more about the book “Let Me Explain Black, Again,” visit Paramount Market Publishing’s website. Quirk's Media received the book in exchange for the review. The thoughts and opinions expressed within this article are those of the author, Maddie Swenson. 

Racial inequality has been an issue in the United States since it became a country (and even before that). In recent years, this inequality has seemingly become more prominent. 

In “Let Me Explain Black, Again,” Pepper Miller, author and president of The Hunter-Miller Group, points to three disruptors that have led to this racial “awakening” that many Americans are experiencing. Those disruptors are former President Donald Trump, COVID-19 and the murder of George Floyd. 

“The combination of Trump’s leadership and excessive violence against Black people created the perfect storm that caused America to have an ‘overdue awakening’ as coined by Time magazine,” Miller wrote. 

Miller wrote the book to be used as a resource and guidebook for Black consumer value; as a deep dive into Black history, identity, language, beliefs and behaviors; and as a place for marketers to get the latest stats on Black communities. 

This book is great for all of that, and it's not just for marketing researchers. Everyone can read this book and learn something about the Black experience. 

As this article will only summarize a portion of the 244 pages, I encourage you to read the book yourself to receive all of Miller’s insights. You can also read a free excerpt from the book, published by Quirk’s.

Miller defines a blind spot as an unconscious bias a person has. These unconscious actions can lead to exclusion and be used as the justification for inequality. In market research specifically, unconscious bias makes it difficult to achieve a truly inclusive study. Miller presented on this topic during speaking sessions at ...