Editor’s Note: Pete Maginn, managing director of commercial insight, Beano Brain will be presenting the session titled “Raising Generation Alpha: How Millennial parenting is impacting the next generation and how to avoid alienating Millennial moms and dads.”  He will be speaking at the 2023 Quirk’s Event - New York. 

Beano Brain did a study on Millenial’s parenting style in regards to Generation Alpha. They found an emphasis in positive mental health, happiness and permission to be themselves in this parenting style. Millennials are determined to be a constant and consistent presence in their kids' lives. 

Beano Brain also looked at what brands will need to do in order to survive the “more vocal and participatory generation” – Generation Alpha.

“We have been told the presentation has really pushed their knowledge, perceptions and some misperceptions of today’s parents,” said Pete Maginn, managing director of commercial insights at Beano Brain said.  

To give readers a sneak peak into Maginn’s presentation on the study, we asked him a few questions ahead of his presentation at the Quirk’s Event New York, July 19-20.

Our Gen Alpha study substantiates and unpacks what we have been increasingly saying to clients for a while – today’s parents are different and you need to understand the differences in order to successfully innovate, communicate and resonate with them. 

Of course, we see some tensions between what this generation of parents aim to do and what they actually do, including being more physically and emotionally present in their children’s lives. It’s common within these tensions that opportunities are presented for brands and organizations to play a truly relevant role.

Our study “Raising Gen Alpha” has uncovered a shift in parenting practices that will shape Millennial parents' brand preferences and the resources they seek, ranging from workplace parental policies to ...