For more than a year, researchers around the world have been tasked with managing shifts in staffing, budgets and viable research methodologies.  

To get a better sense of how client-side researchers have had to pivot, as well as the overall impact of the last year on the marketing research and insights industry, we dove into responses found in our Q&A series, “10 minutes with a corporate researcher.” 

In the last six months, I’ve had the opportunity to ask several researchers what tools, practices and methodologies they have turned to as they have navigated research during the pandemic, as well as their predictions for the months to come. The following responses provide a quick glimpse of what we learned during these conversations with end clients.

“We were already on the journey of increased speed to insights while driving quality information, and COVID has only enhanced that mission. We have continued to push for even faster research while maintaining the quality we expect. 

“COVID has been a time to increase our research, to increase our shopper touchpoints in order to understand challenges and opportunities. We didn’t pull back, we pushed forward.” Nathan Noertker, RB

“We had to adapt to more agile approaches and really make sure our insights were highly actionable in the current situation to each audience.” Shefali Khanna, Brookfield Properties

“Researchers needed to respond and mine insights more quickly than ever, which led to the other eye-opening development of this year: how those in the industry were able to rise to the occasion and meet those needs, and the potential future applications of the abilities demonstrated in meeting them. At Liberty, we’ve tested things more often, faster and in different ways than we ever have. This has allowed us to answer more questions, particularly in short timelines and to research in new ways, giving us a deeper understanding o...