The popular War Stories column, which presents humorous tales of life in the research trenches, has historically been compiled by Art Shulman, president of Shulman Research in Van Nuys, Calif. Each month in our e-newsletters we feature anecdotes from past War Stories columns and over time, we have received a handful of submissions from our e-newsletter readers who want to share their own outlandish or otherwise entertaining experiences of research gone just-slightly awry. Submit your own War Story today!

December 26, 2018

Erin Read says she is often torn between cursing and loving open-ended questions. Pros: unfettered truths that amuse and inspire. Cons: 27 different ways of spelling Facebook.

December 10, 2018

During one group among denture wearers, the discussion turned to tartar and plaque. When one man said something moderator Sharon Livingston couldn't understand, he removed is denture, thrust it in her face and asked, "Is this what you're talking about, honey?"

November 26, 2018

Jim Nelems, founder and retired CEO of research firm Marketing Workshop, tells the story of a research trainee who was told to make 10 versions of a phone survey. This was necessary because the leading brand varied by market and each survey was to reference the leading brand in the respondent’s market.

The 600 phone interviews were completed and sent back from the local supervisors. Every questionnaire had the words LEADING BRAND printed on the questionnaire. No one asked about this in the field.

November 12, 2018

Tara J. Abrams tells a story from when she used to conduct mail studies in the pharmaceutical field where physicians were asked, "In what state do you practice?" Some of the write-in answers were: "Denial," "Confusion," and "Psychosis."

October 22, 2018

Alex Palermo from C+R Research tells a story about a routine round of focus group introductions. During the i...