The 2022 edition of Quirk’s annual Q Report offers deeper insight into client-side researchers’ thoughts and opinions. Throughout the years, Quirk’s has collected information to be shared and compared to see how the industry has changed. 

This year, respondents continued to prioritize job flexibility. Fifty-eight percent of respondents believe flexibility within an organization is extremely important, followed by 27% who believe it is very important. This is a 10% increase compared to when we first asked the question in 2021.

The Q Report received 677 usable qualified responses from full-time (defined as 35+ hours per week) client-side insights professionals. We highlight interesting pieces and comments but mostly let the data speak for itself. If you are interested in a deeper dive, visit 

This year, when asked about marketing research experience, 59% of respondents reported having 16+ years, increasing 16% compared to our 2019 results. Interestingly, although most respondents have 16+ years of experience, 55% indicated having been at their current job between one to five years. 

The continued instability of many industries likely led 46% of respondents to indicate that it is very unlikely and unlikely that their companies will hire additional contract research employees but 49% say their companies are somewhat likely, likely or very likely to hire permanent market researchers in the next 12 months. 

The highest percentage of employees indicated they are very unlikely to change jobs this year or are undecided. Although most respondents are not expecting to seek employment at a different company, they say their companies are searching, and struggling, to hire employees: 

We have been trying to hire for the past six months – there is a huge deficit of people with market research skills.

It’s really hard to find qu...