For the past year, Precision Opinion has been diving into the world of SMS/text messaging to understand how it can be used as an additional method of data collection. We knew from the start that mobile devices were the optimal choice to connect and engage with respondents, but we were in search of how to legally reach non-opt-in individuals in all areas of the United States to conduct market research surveys through SMS without sacrificing quality and results. In addition to maintaining quality, we also wanted to look at the integration of big data and user experience behavior to grab the most well-rounded insights while asking the fewest questions possible to keep the survey short and concise. After months of research, testing, legal consultations and developing technology that adheres to and exceeds the standards of compliance for the market research industry, we are ready to reveal to the world our latest product, Gather. What does Gather mean for market research? Let’s dive in!

The majority of Americans prefer to communicate via text message – a 2019 study from TextMagic.com found that texting is the No. 1 method of communication for Americans aged 50 and below, with 97% of Americans texting at least once per day. Additionally, 82% of text messages are read within five minutes of being received, compared to the 1 in 4 e-mails that are actually opened by a recipient. “Consumers prefer to open texts on their mobiles rather than receive e-mails or calls,” Text Magic reports. “This may indicate that texting is viewed as a more trustworthy channel than e-mail or phone calls, which are more likely to be affected by robocalls or spam. Also, consumers prefer texting to e-mail when it comes to getting time-sensitive notifications.”

That being said, it’s clear that using text messages in order to capture insights from a more well-rounded group of individuals is imperative. ...