Editor’s note: Olivia Watson is marketing manager, Sense360, a California-based market research firm. This is an edited version of a post that originally appeared under the title, “Survey insights: What should companies do to reform racial inequality?”

Recent #BlackLivesMatter protests highlighted the systems in our country that reinforce racial inequality. We are all part of those systems, and this is a time for reflection on how we can make things better.

At Sense360, we are in a unique position to be able to elevate the voices of people all over the country who are affected by racial inequality.

We feel it's important to survey people; relay their voices to companies and change-agents in the world; share insights on how to facilitate meaningful change; and contribute to reforming systemic racial inequality. 

On June 5-6, we asked people nationwide what kinds of actions companies should take to respond to racial inequality (n=706). 

People want to know that the brands they support are taking action. Large corporations have the platform, funds, lobbying power and influence to make significant reforms a reality. Survey responses indicate that corporate responsibility is not only needed and wanted, but will also generate goodwill among consumers. 

Of the types of corporate actions we asked about, the ones that were given the highest approval rating include volunteering to help clean up after protests and issuing a statement calling for system-wide changes to end racial injustice.

The worst-rated option was if a company stayed silent on the issue, except for expressing a commitment to listen. Companies who participated in the recent #BlackoutTuesday trend should take note – people feel that action is needed, and paying lip service to the movement is not enough.

The chart below shows each corporate action in terms of its Net Promoter Score by subtracting detractor s...