Editor’s note: Alison Angus is the head of lifestyles at Euromonitor International and Gina Westbrook is the director of consumer trends at Euromonitor International. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared under the title “What Are the Top 10 Consumer Trends in 2023?” 

It goes without saying: consumers = complex. Our behaviors are multifaceted – and sometimes even contradictory. Our intentions and actions don’t always align and our preferences are rarely permanent. Anticipating your customers’ needs and delivering innovative solutions that tackle their pain points are not easy tasks. But our report can help guide your marketing campaigns and business plans.

This article will cover the top 10 consumer trends in 2023. Get the report to expand on these insights with strategic recommendations and case studies (registration required). 

Technology is everywhere. It’s embedded into our lives – often without us even realizing it. From your lights at home to store checkouts, automation is all around us. But robots haven’t mastered human nuances just yet. We still want that personal touch and human connection. Humans and machines need to work in sync. Your customers could feel disconnected from your brand if you rely too much on tech.

This trend speaks for itself. We’re trying to stretch our cash and get the most for our money in this volatile economy. Saving is top of mind. People must decide between paying more for everyday essentials, trading down to lower-cost products or skipping purchases entirely.

These shoppers opt for affordable, flexible options like buy-now-pay-later services and resale or incentives like rewards perks (for example, paying with points or exclusive discounts).

How many times have you caught yourself mindlessly browsing online? Whether it’s TikTok, Netflix or your favorite online retailer, we’ve all been there, and probably more times than ...