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Akron, OH

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Company Description

Since 1997, Action Based Research (ABR) has been providing top notch B2B and B2C research using advanced techniques to create customized research solutions. We’re a lean, mean research machine: a solid team of research professionals that strives to understand your business objective and then identify and deliver the appropriate research solution. At ABR, we recognize that no matter how sophisticated and complex research is, it needs to be transformed into its simplest, most elegant form to meet our clients’ needs.

Though we are well versed in a wide array of “standard” research studies, we excel in thinking outside the box when it comes to client research. With our years of experience, our team custom designs studies to meet your objectives both efficiently and effectively. We ensure that our clients (and team) understand the data we’ve captured and how it can directly and indirectly impact their organization.

So what does all that mean? Simply put, it means that while we can handle the smaller, simple research projects, we excel with those larger, more difficult projects that may seem daunting or arduous to other research firms.

Whether you have that small, simple project or a large, more involved project, rest assured that you will receive the quality for which ABR has become known. Our clients have shared that not only does our quality rival large global research firms, we provide attention to detail, flexibility, customization and hands-on customer service that only a small, focused firm can offer.

Action Based Research specializes in qualitative and quantitative research in the following categories:

• Strategic insights
• New product launch
• Messaging/communication
• Branding/brand persona
• Product research
• Pricing research
• Segmentation
• Tracking studies (awareness, marketing sizing, etc.)
• Shopper behavior/shopping journey
…and more.

For a more complete listing of the types of research we offer and to learn more about how our firm can assist you, please visit If your organization is in need of research assistance but you’re finding that defining the specifics can be difficult, I’d love to help. Contact me today and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Year Established:   1997

Number of Employees:   10+

Research Services and Specializations

2966 W. Bath Road
Akron, OH 44333
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Rod Antilla, President
  • 330-670-1117
  • 330-670-1118 (fax)
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