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Washington, DC

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Company Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional qualitative research and forced focus group professionals who would prefer an in-person research setting to use digital methodologies for their research. Unfortunately, most online providers can be very expensive, not very personal and often use platforms that the typical respondent may not be familiar with.

That’s why Atkins Strategies has introduced the Online Qualitative Research Concierge Service. Led by Dante Atkins, a trained moderator and qualitative research professional with decades of industry experience, the service is a way of affordably ensuring the success of your online research project. The service uses Zoom webinar technology to host online research sessions, which means that participants are usually already familiar with the technology and can connect with a mobile backup in case a laptop or tablet connection fails. The service includes individual tech checks for all respondents, a host to present and display stimuli, same-day recordings in both original and interpreted a/v, a separately configured private chatroom and automated transcripts. Please visit for detailed services and pricing.

Year Established:   2020

Number of Employees:   1

Research Services and Specializations

1400 Irving St. N.W., Suite 442
Washington, DC 20010
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Dante Atkins, Founder and Principal
  • 202-951-2995
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