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Cincinnati, OH

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Key Categories
Agriculture/Agribusiness Financial/Investment/Banks Health Care Packaged Goods Restaurants/Food Service

Company Description

Directions Inc is a collective of insights brands offering an industry-leading suite of quantitative, qualitative and management consulting solutions. Each of our three brands – Directions, SEEK Company and Aimpoint Research® – brings its own unique capabilities and expertise, providing clients the advantage of integrated insights across a wide range of business needs. We aim to be an influential partner by empowering client teams to make better, more transformative decisions and create lasting change in their organizations. Together, our brands specialize in business insights, human understanding and strategic intelligence across an array of industries, including food, food service, agriculture, health and wellness, technology, financial services and consumer packaged goods. Directions Inc is an employee-owned firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with regional offices around the country, conducting work globally.


Quantitative insights and analytics. Influences strategic business decisions via high-impact insights, advanced analytics, deep industry knowledge, engaging visuals and innovative, flexible research designs.

SEEK Company

Qualitative insights and innovation. Uses empathy and storytelling in qualitative research to uncover rich human insights, create loyalty-driving ideas and build brand positioning and strategies.

Aimpoint Research®

Strategic intelligence and consulting. Blends military intelligence techniques and market insights to help understand what’s really happening, what’s going to happen in the future and what to do to ensure success.

Year Established:   1988

Number of Employees:   200+

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401 E. Court St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Tim Laake, Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Lane, President & CEO
  • 513-651-2990
  • 513-651-2998 (fax)
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Insights Association (United States)