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I/H/R Research Group LLC

Las Vegas, NV

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Company Description

I/H/R Research Group LLC was established in 1976 and specializes in providing the highest quality marketing research data collection using both traditional and online methodologies.  We offer a turn-key solution covering all aspects of marketing research data collection from sampling through data collection and data tabulation.  Our main specialties include, but are not limited to, online data collection/CAWI, telephone data collection/CATI, statistically accurate sampling including RDD and Address Based Sampling (ABS), consumer surveys, political polling, B2B research, mixed-mode methodologies, multilingual interviewing, qualitative recruiting, executive interviewing, survey programming, as well as data tabulation.  We offer full-service sampling services and consultation for all research projects, including consumer, business-to-business, and online studies.

CATI Data Collection:
I/H/R Research Group offers a comprehensive and high-quality solution covering all phases of CATI based data collection, from sampling through programming, interviewing and data tabulation.  Our experienced CATI data collection team works with all types of projects, including low incidence studies conducted using pure probability RDD sampling in order to maximize representation and adhere to traditional AAPOR/government-based data collection standards.  We specialize in TCPA compliant wireless data collection, and believe that wireless sampling is extremely important to ensure representative results since nearly 90% of US adults are either wireless-only or wireless-mostly in nature.  For CATI studies, we will help you establish a representative sampling plan and assist you with establishing quotas to ensure proper demographic representation.  We can supply all required sample as well, including registered voter sample, in order to efficiently and accurately reach the right respondents in order to accomplish the study objectives.

In addition, you will find that our low prices for interviews conducted via landline or wireless sample set us apart from the rest.  We offer live digital call monitoring/recording on all stations to ensure quality.  CATI studies can be conducted as traditional outbound or inbound via a toll-free number as well.  We will program the survey, or if you wish to use your own survey programming team, our proprietary state-of-the-art CATI systems can work with all survey platforms – simply provide us with a survey link programmed in any software.

Online Panel Sampling and Data Collection:
Looking for an online partner that is more than just a sample vendor? We offer full-service data collection or sample-only, the choice is yours.  Either way, you’ll get a true partner who will strive to help your study be a success.  Our feasibility for panel sampling is very robust, even for traditionally difficult to target geographic areas.  So, let the experienced online data collection team at I/H/R Research Group make your next online research project a success. We will be there for you however best fits your needs: from the bidding stage, through programming, survey deployment, data collection, and even tabs if you need them.

We will provide you with a quick feasibility check, and help you understand the effects of sample coverage and set expectations.  Our team be happy to assist you with establishing quotas to maximize demographic representation using the latest census data as well.  Plus, if mixed-mode is required, our in-house CATI team can quickly fill-in quotas that are not feasible online using CATI.

We offer a comprehensive array of online sampling targets to fulfill any online data collection needs:

  • Fast and efficient online polls.
  • Rapid project launch and quick results.
  • Cost effective pricing and volume discounts.
  • Extensive demographic targeting.
  • Consumer, B2B, and hard to reach audiences.
  • Worldwide coverage.

I/H/R also offers full programming capabilities in Qualtrics, as well as other packages, and can even help streamline surveys that are already partially programmed.  We offer full-service data collection or sample-only, the choice is yours. 

Representative Sampling and List Services: 
As part of our holistic approach, we offer expert sampling consultation and list services for all types of research projects.  Using our sister company, Scientific Telephone Samples, we can provide a vast array of sampling options to cover your research needs, including but not limited to telephone sample (both RDD and Targeted Sampling), Address Based Sample (ABS), Registered Voter Sampling, B2B sampling, telephone appends, address matching, data enhancement, wireless identification for TCPA compliance.

Our seasoned team will make a success out of your next research project.  Regardless of the type of project, you can rely on the I/H/R Research Group team to get the job done, on-time, and on-budget.  Contact us today at (888) 761-8985 or for a quote on your next project.

Year Established:   1976

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2560 Anthem Village Drive, Suite 130
Henderson, NV 89052
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Steve Clark, PRC, CEO
  • 888-761-8985
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American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) | Insights Association (United States)