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Jace Research

Detroit, MI

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Data Analysis Marketing Research-Full Service Focus Group-Moderating Hybrid Research (Qual/Quant) Cultural Insights

Company Description

Jace Research is a full-service marketing research company specializing in designing, executing and managing qualitative research studies for general market and multicultural consumers with a niche for Millennial, Gen Z and African American consumers. For the past 10 years, CEO Jason Roberts has helped businesses create their brand presence and achieve their goals. Jason has a wealth of knowledge conducting research using several methodologies in a variety of markets. Jace Research is a fast-growing company, gaining and sharing knowledge, while conducting research the way Jason Roberts knows best. Our process is designed to be able to reach connection points with your consumers, gaining the most unique insights and conclusions. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

We work with a large number of clients from various industries, including:

  • Automotive.
  • Food.
  • Education.
  • Media/entertainment.
  • Financial/banking.
  • And more!

Our research experts are ready assist you in developing a research design that is most efficient for the goals you have.

Jace Research is the ace of research!

1. Research design

From the start of the project, Jace Research is looking to bring our innovation and knowledge to the beginning stages of the study. Jace Research has expertise in managing the research design including structure design, questionnaires for recruitment, discussion guides for interviews, etc. Always looking to be innovative and relevant in our approach to execute the research structure based on the objectives. Our structure is designed to gain the most authentic and effective insights, doing so in the most efficient way.

2. Recruitment

Jace Research also has expertise in conducting the recruitment, recruiting the participants for these focus groups and interviews, building rapport with the consumers prior to the actual interview. Completing on-site studies as well to conduct quantitative studies. Jace Research has several partners and third parties that we work with as well.

3. Moderating

Jason Roberts is the primary moderator for all studies through Jace Research. Jason has a very curious mind, digging beneath the surface into how people think and what motivates them to act. His probing nature allows him to identify untapped business opportunities and connection points with consumers. Jason has a natural ability of connecting with consumers, building relationships and creating a space where consumers can be their authentic selves. Jace Research has expertise with many moderating methodologies including focus groups, IDIs, in-store interviews, consumer segmentation and more – conducting both online and in-person research.

4. Report writing

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities. Then results in a comprehensive report that includes the research design, direct quotes from consumers, key findings and conclusions from the project. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you get there quickly and efficiently. Jace Research is looking to provide the most unique and relevant insights to be the most impactful. Jace Research was launched in January of 2022. Jason Roberts is the primary researcher for all studies through Jace Research. We have partners that we work with and a growing team as well. Jason Roberts is accustomed to conducting research for a variety of Fortune 100 companies and nonprofit organizations even prior to starting Jace Research. Completing studies for Toyota, Ford, Lexus, Alpha Romero, McDonalds, Comcast/Xfinity, W. K. Kellogg Foundation and more!

Jace Research has expertise in working with a wide range of consumers:

  • Millennial, Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers.
  • African American, Caucasian, Burmese, Hispanic.
  • Lower income consumers, higher income consumers.
  • And more!

Dig deeper into your consumers' insights and continue to grow and improve your business. The most successful companies are typically the ones that always look to improve and get feedback directly from their consumers.

Year Established:   2022

Number of Employees:   1

Research Services and Specializations

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20523 Trinity St.
Detroit, MI 48219
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Jason Roberts, President/CEO
  • 248-­‐697-­‐6322
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