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Concept Development Marketing Research-Full Service Focus Group-Moderating Panels-Proprietary CX/UX-Customer/User Experience

Company Description

Meaningful insights that drive smarter business decisions.

KS&R is a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm that provides clients with timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions through industry-centered expertise. Specializing in business services, entercom and recreation, health care, retail and e-commerce, technology and transportation and logistics, KS&R empowers companies globally to make smarter business decisions.

Industry expertise

Business services

Our business services industry team combines decades of experience with industry expertise to provide actionable and high-quality research to clients in consulting, risk management, financial services and information analytics. We combine marketing and communications with market research and believe that success in this space can be found at the intersection of practicality and validity.

Our clients think of us as much more than simply a vendor. We serve as a strategic partner. One that you can rely on through each stage of the project. We will be nimble and agile as we think through the findings together and determine actionable steps that will help to positively impact your organization and create the greatest return on your investment.

Entercom and recreation

Our entercom and recreation industry team has extensive experience partnering with some of the largest global telecom, entertainment and recreation companies. We pride ourselves on being experts within these industries which enables us to deliver robust, actionable insights via a wide array of qualitative and quantitative methods targeting business-to-business and business to consumer audiences across the globe.

Our team has 30+ years of industry expertise, providing a seamless end-to-end experience for our clients. Our proven methodologies include a vast research toolbox and access to the hardest-to-reach audiences, including C-suite, business decision makers, as well as a host of niche consumers. We strive to always exceed client expectations and understand that responsiveness and flexibility are critical in our ability to do so.

Health care

Our health care industry team applies business and marketing acumen built from decades of experience in the health care space to not only share insights with clients, but to also elevate and activate them throughout their organizations.

Our expertise and best-in-class methods enables us to serve as partners to our clients, seamlessly integrating our team throughout the health care ecosystem in addition to various markets and product lifecycles. With a focus in select key treatment territories, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, hospital administration and pharmacy insights – including our proprietary pharmacy panel – our goal is to help bring the best value propositions to market for patients and providers by giving our clients the insights needed to feel confident in their decisions.

Retail and e-commerce

Our retail and e-commerce industry team has unique experience providing valuable research and insights within this rapidly evolving landscape. Our ability to quickly adapt within this ever-changing market enables us to provide impactful insights and consultation. We serve as a true partner, empowering our clients to proactively respond to new challenges year over year.

We support our client’s tactical strategies for resolving supply chain issues and staff shortages as well as strategic initiatives related to brand management, acquisition and optimizing multichannel experiences. Our industry experts support retail and e-commerce brands globally, ensuring that we target the right audiences for the highest results. Through impactful deliverables, we take the time to activate and socialize learnings amongst stakeholders to ensure our clients receive a valuable return on investment.


Our technology industry team has spent decades honing innovative market research services and solutions for technology organizations. We provide an unbiased and differentiated view of the market based on timely inputs from targeted decision-makers and end users. Technology organizations seek our services due to our proven ability to conduct effective and high-quality market research in this complex industry.

We help technology companies answer critical questions at every step of the product/service lifecycle, delivering client-driven outcomes and leveraging 30+ years of conducting B2B technology research in domestic and global markets. Our proven methodologies and decision-maker access enables fit-for-purpose insight solutions and impactful market insights.

Transportation and logistics

Our transportation and logistics industry team has decades of experience helping clients solve problems across their global supply chains and ecosystems. We take a highly consultative approach, leveraging a broad array of methodologies to empower decision makers and drive innovation.

Our team appreciates the unique way that technology powers this industry. E-commerce is also an area of emphasis, where we strive to understand customer acquisition and conversion, fulfillment, delivery and returns. We collaborate to improve customer journeys, create better experiences and develop new service offerings.

Having completed projects in dozens of countries across all regions of the world, our team recognizes the highly competitive international market and complex logistics challenges faced by supply chains on a global scale.

Year Established:   1983

Number of Employees:   121

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