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MarketCast research, analytics and data science fuels fandom for leading lifestyle brands and media and entertainment companies. Our unique mix of qualitative and quantitative research is combined with modern technology platforms to provide clients powerful insights to inform their critical business decisions. Today, MarketCast counts some of the biggest names in entertainment and lifestyle brands as clients, including leading Hollywood studios, beverage makers, streaming services and sports leagues and teams.

By bringing together a powerful combination of consumer research, data science and advanced analytics, MarketCast helps marketers discover and grow fandom for brands, products and content. Key areas of focus include:

Marketing effectiveness
As media consumption shifts, advertisers are challenged to deliver the right advertising and marketing messages to engage and win with audiences who matter most. MarketCast works across the whole ad life cycle, from early concepts and storyboard testing through in-market ad and cross-media campaign measurement to help predict in-market performance before marketing campaigns take flight as well as measure how ads perform in-market.

Next-generation brand tracking
Traditional brand health research often looks back instead of forward and leaves big questions unanswered – like why brand performance is changing and how it impacts the business. MarketCast is changing the brand tracking game forever by fusing longitudinal research with real-time data signals to understand how consumer beliefs and behaviors impact the brand and bottom line.

Advertising attribution
Marketers need to move beyond traditional measurement to understand how their investments are driving brand and business performance. MarketCast is at the heart of advertising and media fandom. Our mix of research, data science and marketing effectiveness products uncover whether ads and campaigns are moving audiences to act.

Custom research and insights
Our team of researchers dive deep into the heads of brand fans to understand how they think and feel about a wide range of products and services, from CPG and QSR to automotive, technology and sports and entertainment. Our expertise covers segmentation, landscape studies and UX optimization, with a special focus on youth and identity research. We transform this knowledge into insights to shape your marketing strategies, refine advertising and content and fuel new product innovations.

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Year Established:   1987

Number of Employees:   700

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40 W. 25th St., 11th Floor
New York, NY 10010
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Lyndon Campbell, Corp. SVP and General Manager, Sports, Live Events and Brands
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