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Spotlight Research

Los Angeles, CA

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Automotive Consumers Car Clinics Recruiting-Qualitative Recruiting-Quantitative

Company Description

Our respondent community is based on finding some of the most unique nationwide members. From the outdoorsy Millennials to super wealthy Baby Boomers; we have them all. Our expert community team focus on continuously expanding the community to ensure we have them ready for your specific project. Our community is not just an ordinary database and we don't treat it like one!

We also focus on many nontraditional recruitment methods in order to help find "that specific respondent". Some of these methods include:
Guerilla style/location intercept (street recruit), social media and specific industry networking, enthusiast/hobby exploration, word-of-mouth and social networking, specialized databases/resources for high net worth, industry expert networking.

We cover a wide variety of research topics/methodologies across many different industries: Focus groups, in-depth interviews, industry expert Iinterviews, fieldwork management, video diaries, video drive study's, mall intercepts, on-site interviews, taste tests, in-home usage tests, automotive and full-service clinic coordination, High-net worth/luxury segments, nationwide quantitative intercepts, ethnographies, online communities.

Year Established:   2018

Number of Employees:   15

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8619 Reseda Boulevard, Suite 303
Los Angeles, CA 91324
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Leeanna Kasparian, Director of Operations & Sales
  • 800-217-5660
  • 818-626-5702
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