Sunseed Research LLC

Madison, WI

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Key Categories
Attitude/Usage Studies Brand Positioning Studies Conjoint Analysis/Trade-Off Analysis Market Segmentation Studies Concept Optimization

Company Description

Market Research insights scientifically designed to help you gain a competitive advantage. Discover how Sunseed can help your business grow.

Sunseed Research provides strategic marketing consulting and high-capacity research management to help your business uncover customer insights. Our market research consultants and data scientists are skilled in  uncovering patterns lodged in complex data.

Every research project we deliver uses stunning data visualizations to communicate a precise visual story. Indeed, visualizing information isn't just a deliverable; it's a critical step in our analytical process.

Sunseed Research transforms what you know about your customers and market. Whether you want to boost sales, find more customers, develop a new product, or improve your customer experience, Sunseed Research will create the right strategy to find the information you need to maximize your results.

Bring your data to life. Uncover your data story with Sunseed.

Year Established:   2012

Number of Employees:   4

Research Services and Specializations

6516 Monona Drive, Suite 245
Madison, WI 53716
United States
Customer Contact(s):
Kevin Micklitz, Partner
  • 833 786-7333
  • 1-833-SUNSEED
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