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Teamvisory Consultancy Pvt Ltd is a full-service market research agency providing research and support services to companies ranging from boutique research agencies, market research giants, consulting firms and brands globally. Our service offerings include multi-mode data collection (quantitative, qualitative, online, analytics and recruitment techniques), survey programming and hosting, data processing and a range of back-end support services (data coding/punching, qualitative transcriptions and translations). We combine a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to our clients.

1) Face-to-face interviews: Face-to-face interviews are the most frequently used of our quantitative research methods. Interviews might be conducted on the street, in the respondent's home or place of employment. Our interviewers are adept at establishing a rapport with people. They are also trained on how to refrain from unintentionally introducing bias.

Teamvisory can also conduct these interviews in hybrid mode, where we may conduct the interviews on web- based platform. Post-COVID-19, CAWI( Computer Assisted Web Interview) has emerged as the most preferred choice. We have trained and equipped our interviewers to conduct interviews with this mode.

Teamvisory excels at conducting interviews in the fields of household surveys, auto surveys, pharmaceutical surveys, patient and physician surveys and various B2B interviews.

2) CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview): We regularly conduct telephone interviews both in B2B and B2C spaces. We have vast experience of both continuous and ad hoc projects. This tool eliminates the risk of an interviewer failing to ask the right questions to the right people. It also allows us to meet quotas accurately and effectively. Our experienced telephone interviewers are adept to build rapport with consumers and business people alike. They also attempt to avoid making unnecessary requests to maintain a very high level of response quality.

3) Online panel – We offer online panel research services to our clients. With a panel of over 1 million respondents from different parts of the world, we provide access to consumers, professionals, health care professionals and patients. Our online panel research services enable us to collect and analyze valuable data, providing insights to businesses and organizations that are looking to make informed decisions. We understand the importance of reliable data collection and analysis, which is why we have a team of experienced professionals who use advanced research methodologies to ensure accurate results. Our services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client, helping them achieve their research goals efficiently and effectively.

4) CLT (central location testing), CUT (consumer use testing) and IHUT (in-home usage testing): CLTs provide the chance for a quick turnaround of results; fieldwork can be finished in a day and results can be obtained the same week. Being able to interview a lot of people in one day makes central location testing incredibly economical.

HUTs provide important benefits over CLTs, in that the consumer uses the product in its natural environment – namely, the real life setting of their home. This arguably produces more faithful evaluations in respect of product assessments and product satisfaction. In addition, as in-home usage testing affords the possibility of a longer test period.

5) Observational research: Direct observation of consumers or another target population in their surroundings is key to observation market research. Teamvisory has extensive experience in observation market research and developing observation-based methodologies for gathering information from respondents through an analysis of their behavior.

Common uses of observation are to:

  • View products being used in-situ in order to understand usage patterns and any potential problems.
  • Understanding consumers' views on packaging.
  • Measuring the time it takes the target audience to make a purchase decision in a specific setting.

6) Focus groups: As the name implies, a group of people, usually consisting of six to 10 members, are brought together to discuss a specific product and its market strategies. Typically, the group will consist of experts in that particular field. This group will have a moderator who will facilitate discussion among the members in order to generate opinions.

Focus groups can again be done in hybrid or pure online mode owing to COVID-19 restrictions.

7) In-depth interviews: It is usually a one-on-one interview with a group of people, either in person or over the phone. This method is more conversational, and asking open-ended questions aids in data collection. Post-COVID-19 there is an increase in web based IDIs.

Year Established:   2021

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