The Internet has made many things in this world easier, including marketing research. When you need to reach a large number of respondents or reach a very specific group of respondents, the best place to find them is online.

Online research panels give you the convenience of having pre-screened respondents at your fingertips who are ready and willing to participate in surveys, studies or other types of research. Having these respondents on-hand lets you recruit large groups of participants quickly and easily in a wide variety of industries and specialties, either locally, nationally or globally. Whether a general audience is needed or a niche audience with specific ethnicities, occupations or age groups, this large reach allows you to choose from different types of respondents, from consumers to professionals and experts, to difficult-to-reach or difficult-to-find respondents. Online panels let you target specific respondents, making the research more relevant and personalized. The respondents also benefit from online panels through the ability to respond conveniently on their own time, enabling well-thought-out, specific answers that lead to better survey data. Here are 21 top companies offering online panels and other online research services. 

Branded Research Inc.

Founded 2012 | 19 employees

Matt Gaffney, CEO

Branded Research Inc. is a leading online panel and technology services provider. Through our proprietary research community MintVine®, our panelists provide companies the consumer and business insights needed to make definitive decisions about their products and services. How do we do it? We start by taking a unique, communicative approach. Our panels are founded on core principles of social engagement and the power of the simple conversation. It’s what sets us apart from the rest. We believe that a relevant, quality conversation elicits a quality response. Branded Research was founded in 2012.

Phone 888-848-2525

Critical Mix

Founded 2011 | 125 employees

Hugh Davis and Keith Price, Co-CEOs

Our passion is simplifying access to high-quality insights for market research. Companies worldwide rely on our collaborative and easy access to global survey participants, survey programming and data visualization solutions to help them make smarter business decisions. We make it incredibly easy to reach target audiences anywhere in the world, program and host engaging surveys, visualize data so you can make decisions faster and contact your account team whenever needed. Our team is personally invested in providing you with the ultimate customer service experience. No matter the size or type of project, our always-available, experienced team is there to anticipate your needs and provide thoughtful customer care.

Phone 800-651-8240


Founded 1990 | 380 employees

Jamin Brazil, CEO

FocusVision is the leading global provider of integrated global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market research. The company has specialized in research facility videostreaming since it was founded in 1990 and has grown to offer best-in-class quant+qual research solutions for every aspect of an organization’s research practice, including Webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software, mobile device usability studies, robust survey programming and reporting platform as well as panel management. FocusVision has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil and Singapore.

Phone 800-433-8128


Founded 1934 | 13,000 employees

Gary Cofer, North America CEO

GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions. More than 13,000 market research experts combine their passion with GfK’s long-standing data science experience. This allows GfK to deliver vital global insights matched with local market intelligence from more than 100 countries. By using innovative technologies and data sciences, GfK turns big data into smart data, enabling its clients to improve their competitive edge and enrich consumers’ experiences and choices.

Phone 212-240-5300


Global Survey

Founded 2007 | 5 employees

Mayank Bhanushali, Founder and Managing Dir.

Global Survey, as our name suggests, is one of the global leaders in using digital data collection to power analytics and insights. We provide data-driven decision-making for clients who listen to and interact with the world’s consumers and business professionals through Global Survey online panels, as well as mobile, digital and social media technologies. We apply the breadth of over 88 online consumer panels and communities across 70 countries to your market research studies. And we’re dedicated to continually fine-tuning our panel network to ensure quality and growth as your research needs change over time. Global Survey works with many of the world’s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporations.

Phone +91-997-432-5123


Founded 2014 | 35 employees

Matt Dusig and George Llorens, Managing Directors

Innovate is a global online sampling firm generating high-quality data from engaged panelists. Founded by Matt Dusig, Gregg Lavin and George Llorens, Innovate provides 24/7 superior client service to thousands of market researchers and research departments around the world. The Innovate team previously created the world-class goZing and uSamp panels recruiting over 30 million people worldwide to participate in market research surveys. Innovate pioneered Human-Powered Sampling™, which promotes responsive communication for client satisfaction and created the First Class Panel™, which is a heavily-screened, profiled and engaged audience of survey respondents.

Phone 818-584-2090

Lightspeed GMI

Founded 1996 | 700 employees

David Day, CEO
We Make Research Easy. Quality-seeking researchers, marketers and brands choose Lightspeed GMI as their trusted global partner for digital data collection. Our innovative technology, proven sampling methodologies and operational excellence facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior. In May 2016, we introduced AmplifyR Appends in the U.S., the industry’s most comprehensive and diverse set of consumer data sets tied to an online survey panel. We have local market knowledge and experience with more than 700 staff situated in 13 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our comprehensive product suite, including health care and financial solutions, generates dependable research results.

Phone 908-605-4500

M3 Global Research

Founded 2006 | 200+ employees

Roni DasGupta, President

M3 Global Research provides the most comprehensive and highest quality market research recruitment and support services available to the global health care industry with relationships with over 2 million physicians in more than 70 countries worldwide. M3 Global Research operates an ISO 26362-certified panel with the highest quality data collection and project management capabilities that cover the spectrum of quantitative and qualitative techniques utilized today. M3 services incorporate all of the most advanced statistical and attitudinal methodologies allowing clients to provide world-class offerings and support services to their end-client customers throughout multiple industry sectors.

Phone 202-293-2288 ext.203

Market Cube LLC

Founded 2011 | 48 employees

Steve Hopkins and Adi Raj, Principals

At Market Cube, our mantra is “we help you shine.” Our company specializes in the heavy lifting of sample delivery, data collection, reporting and programming. We offer aggressive pricing, unparalleled speed-to-launch, quality sample and high-touch service. Our team excels at managing all types of sample projects, including complex fielding to your requirements and specifications, regardless of primary or secondary research. By allowing Market Cube the privilege of managing your projects, you can spend more time focusing on reviewing the data and delivering trends and insights to your clients and stakeholders.

Phone 843-628-5388

Mindfield Online Internet Panels

Founded 1980 | 110 employees

Gary McMillion, CEO

Looking for high-quality, dedicated service from your online panel provider? Tired of untested companies crippling your research and sampling plans? MindField Online has 35+ years of market research experience and puts the power of technology behind your projects. Features the greatest assortment of in-depth Internet panels like health and ailment, vision care, homeowners and lawn care, travel and leisure, pet owner, physicians, mother/children and teen, electronics and entertainment and many more. Dedicated programmers and 24/7 project monitoring. Now using Beacon by Decipher for more advanced programming solutions and software integration for mobile and multimode survey needs.

Phone 800-969-9235


Founded 2008 | 475 employees

Mitch Henderson, CEO

MyCLEARopinion specializes in high-quality B2B skilled industry sample, providing access to a unique and powerful audience of decision makers recruited from specific and demographically diverse market sectors. MyCLEARopinion can provide panelists with vertical industry expertise in a variety of industries including: HVAC, engineering, architecture/construction/maintenance, packaging, flooring/floor maintenance, plumbing, mechanical systems, roofing, electrical, landscaping, safety and security, manufacturing and logistics, painting, food and beverage product and development and more. We can offer survey sample, research services, hosting and programming.

Phone 248-786-1274


Founded 2001 | 230 employees

Germán Loewe, CEO

Netquest is the No. 1 provider of opinion and digital behavior data in the market research sector in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. We count on more than 10 years of experience creating representative panels of the population, being the only company in the region to be certified with the ISO 26362 standard, specific for online access panels. Thanks to our cross-device technology, we are the only company capable of offering integrated information about the consumer.

Phone 310-614-0641

OMI (Online Market Intelligence)

Founded 2007 | 50 employees

Dr. Alexander Shashkin, CEO

Online Market Intelligence (OMI) is a leading local provider of online fieldwork in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We have B2C, B2B IT, automotive, physician and patient panels exceeding 1 million people in total. We provide an opportunity for mobile research and have over 40,000 participants in our mobile panel in Russia. We also have more than 26,000 panelists in our Internet behavioral panel, which combines data of the real behavior in the Internet with panel profile data. OMI is the only ISO 20252- and 26362-certified company in the region.

Phone +7-495-660-9415

Rare Patient Voice LLC

Founded 2013 | 6 employees

Wes Michael, CEO

Rare Patient Voice recruits hard-to-find patients and caregivers for qualitative and quantitative market research. We attend patient events such as conferences and walks to build our panels so that our patients are authentic and we can complete recruits within two weeks. We focus on recruiting only. Some of our panels include: all cancer types, Crohn’s, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, Gaucher, hemophilia, Huntington’s, lupus, MPS diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, sickle cell, Sjogren’s and spinal muscular atrophy. For cancer we have stage. For non-cancer we have medication used.

Phone 410-218-0527

Reckner Healthcare

Founded 1991 | 225 employees

David Reckner, CEO

Reckner Healthcare provides the industry’s most trusted online health care panel for pharmaceutical and medical marketing research projects. Leveraging an independently-maintained and -managed panel, Reckner specializes in delivering fast access to physicians, allied health care professionals, payers, hospital decision makers, opinion leaders, veterinarians, dentists and more across the United States and the world. With unparalleled project management and in-house technology teams, Reckner focuses on the details to ensure that your jobs run smoothly. Services include recruiting, list matching, pre-testing, project management, survey programming, data processing, tabulation, coding and online reporting. At Reckner, we deliver the best respondents for your research every time.

Phone 215-822-6220

Robas Research Private Limited

Founded 2012 | 25 employees

Ankit Dhanuka, Director

Robas Research is a young and dynamic market research and insight agency which provides optimized outputs to advance and power our clients’ current business. A full-service market research firm in every sense of the term, we provide data collection services, project management and complete insight delivery. Whatever the desired output, its quality will always be unquestionable and will inspire the decisions you need to make. The team comes with extensive experience in multiple packages that are leveraged to support client needs. We believe in “Research from Base,” which defines our firm’s logo for any research/methodology in which it is conducted.

Phone +91-080-41229515


Founded 1966 | 600 employees

Matt Campion, Executive Vice President

Schlesinger has an unparalleled understanding of quality drivers across panel, sample and data. Rigorous and diverse methods are applied to recruit panelists and validate their registration and background data. Constant engagement and deep personal profiles allow us to build and maintain vertical panels across the U.S. and EU that promote higher motivation and targeted communication for our members. Our experts in panel aggregation provide access to a stringently vetted global network to support worldwide and longitudinal projects. Our panels are supported by the most innovative research software, integrated to optimize results. So whether for health care, consumer or B2B, you can be assured that your participants are on target, genuine and are not over-researched.

Phone 732-590-3110

SoapBox Sample

Founded 2013 | 36 employees

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations

From ideation to optimization, we conduct research for new product development, branding/advertising testing, creative optimization and concept/product testing. Leveraging a combination of in-house research capabilities, SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family of companies, is an all-encompassing market research firm focusing on the 360-degree view of the customer. Our offerings include: community insights platform (icanmakeitbetter), mobile research (geofencing, mobile missions and passive metering), data collection (online and traditional) and full research design and analytics.

Phone 855-SOAPBOX

SSI (Survey Sampling International)

Founded 1977 | 3,600 employees

Chris Fanning, President and CEO

SSI is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and business-to-business survey research, reaching respondents in 100+ countries via Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed-access offerings. SSI staff operates from 30 offices in 21 countries, offering sample, data collection, CATI, questionnaire design consultation, programming and hosting, as well as online custom reporting and data processing. SSI’s 3,600 employees serve more than 2,500 clients worldwide. Visit SSI at www.surveysampling.com.
Phone 203-567-7200



Symmetric, A Decision Analyst Company

Founded 2016 | 150+ employees

Jason Thomas, President of Symmetric

Our worldwide Internet panels set the standard for quality and consistency. Our suite of double opt-in panels include American Consumer Opinion® - worldwide panel of over 7 million consumers; Physicians Advisory Council® - our panel of over 20,000 verified physicians and surgeons; Medical Advisory Board™ - worldwide panel of over 40,000 nurses, optometrists, pharmacists and other health care professionals; Executive Advisory Board® - worldwide panel of over 100,000 managers and executives; Technology Advisory Board® - worldwide panel of over 105,000 information system professionals; and Contractor Advisory Board® - worldwide panel of over 30,000 general contractors from all segments of the construction industry.

Phone 817-640-6166


Founded 2000 | 1,200+ employees

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO

Toluna is a leading provider of real-time digital consumer insights and empowers companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and answer their questions in real time. Toluna is transforming the way marketing decisions are made by bringing consumers and brands together via the world’s largest social voting community of 9 million members across 49 countries. This real-time access to consumers is coupled with its state-of-the-art market research survey and analytics platform. Toluna has 18 offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Phone 203-834-8585

Turning Point Research

Founded 2014 | 10 employees

James Medick, CEO

Turning Point Research is your go-to provider for all things in the Internet research realm. Whether you need sample provided, programming or even your own proprietary panel built, Turning Point Research is the company for you. For 20 years, TPR’s parent company has been bringing you quality research data from their phone room and now they are bringing it to you online. Contact us today to give your research the quality and care it needs. Visit us online at www.turningpointresearch.com or e-mail us today at info@turningpointresearch.com.

Phone 702-483-4000


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